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Month: September 2022

5 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

When renovating a small bathroom, you should focus on making the most of what you have. The limited space means you have to explore small bathroom renovation ideas that will help you maximize every inch of square footage.

Our experience as the top remodeling company in Tucson means we have many bathroom remodel ideas for any size of space. Here are five ideas you can work with to make your small bathroom more functional:

1. Tuck in the Door

A standard door in a small bathroom makes navigation a little less convenient. You have to shuffle around the door every time it’s open. You also can’t move bathroom fixtures too close to the door, effectively eating up important square footage.

Adding a sliding or pocket door can instantly give you more accessible space and improve the navigation experience.

2. Add a Combined Tub and Shower

Many small bathroom renovation ideas often encourage eliminating the tub. However, nothing beats a good relaxing soak after a hard day.

You can make your small bathroom more practical by combining a tub and showerhead setup.

3. Explore Creative Storage Options

Small bathrooms can get cramped quickly without proper organization. A fantastic way to avoid this is to prioritize creative storage with your small bathroom remodel. You can mount cabinets on the wall space above the mirror or the sink.

You can also convert the gap under your sink into a storage space that can hold drawer cabinets for easy access to your grooming products. With the right storage options, your bathroom won’t feel too cluttered. You can shave or carry out a skincare routine without constantly bumping into things.

4. Go for a Coordinated Look

The best small bathroom renovation ideas are those that result in a consistent style. However, you can’t achieve this without matching and coordinating design elements.

Pick a color palette and match as many fixtures as possible for a visually appealing look. An interior decorator can help you choose features that fit your desired aesthetic.

5. Add More Lighting

Proper lighting can improve the functionality of any space and make it more elegant; your small bathroom is no different. A single overhead light creates a flat and cramped atmosphere inside the bathroom.

On the other hand, task lights behind mirrors and multipoint lighting on all four sides of the bathroom can make it feel airier. An alternative is to enlarge the window or install a skylight if practical. Letting in more natural light can make the bathroom feel more luxurious overall.

Schedule a Bathroom Remodeling Inspection

A bathroom remodeling project can be challenging but richly rewarding if done correctly. Do you want to replicate any of the small bathroom renovation ideas above? Pro Remodeling can help you bring your bathroom designs to life.

Following our home remodeling checklist, our team of experts will transform your small bathroom into a cozy retreat.

Call Pro Remodeling today at 520-745-9769 for a thorough consultation. We’ll go over design ideas, material costs, and more. Find out why we are the best home remodeling company in Tucson, AZ.