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Month: October 2022

Seven Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes That You Should Never Commit

Many homeowners take on a kitchen renovation themselves, only including professionals when they’ve made mistakes or run into work they can’t perform. Creating your dream kitchen shouldn’t wear you out but should excite and inspire you. When planning your renovation, avoid these seven kitchen remodeling mistakes commonly seen by the best remodeling contractors in Tucson.

One: Neglecting Space Efficiency

In the kitchen, every step counts. Many homeowners neglect to think about how many steps lie between critical elements in their kitchen, creating dead space that makes cooking and cleaning more difficult. Consider how the size and layout of your kitchen can work with you instead of against you during daily cooking or holiday meals.

Two: Forgetting Functionality

Appliances and cabinets have doors that need a certain amount of clearance to open correctly. Many DIYers realize they forgot the kitchen functionality when they find themselves installing a dishwasher across from their oven or when they realize they can’t open a cabinet all the way. Plan your kitchen space with functionality in mind to create a usable space you’ll love for years to come.

Three: Creating Tight Spaces

Kitchen remodels with tight corridors and corners can wreak havoc on how easily you can use your kitchen. Typical aisles range between 42 and 48 inches, leaving plenty of room for two people to cook simultaneously.

Four: Installing the Wrong Kitchen Island

If you install an island too small or large for your space, you’ve committed one of the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes. Islands should enhance the use of your kitchen, not debilitate it by making it harder to move around. A good rule of thumb: Kitchen islands should not measure above ten feet long and four feet wide.

Five: Waiting to Order Appliances

Many homeowners want to wait to install new appliances after finishing their new kitchen, wishing to avoid dust and potential damage. However, ordering and installing your appliances during the renovation helps ensure they fit their intended spaces and have plenty of clearance for easy use.

Six: Not Planning for Storage

Some kitchen remodeling DIYers discover they’ve made another of the most common mistakes in not planning for proper storage space. Your kitchen cabinets should hold all your dishes, dry food items, seasoning or herb selections, and other kitchen staples. Without suitable storage space, you may have to keep certain kitchen items in different rooms, making it more challenging to stay organized while cooking.

Seven: Editing the Design Mid-Remodel

You can throw off your entire kitchen design by making changes during the renovations. Before starting your remodeling project, look it over and ensure you’re happy with the layout and overall design. This assurance helps create a smooth, easy transition from a dull kitchen to the one of your dreams.

Professional Kitchen Contractors Help You Avoid Mistakes

Avoid these seven kitchen remodeling mistakes by entrusting your renovations to Pro Remodeling in Tucson, AZ. Call (520) 745-9769 for your free consultation today. Do you want to learn more about DIY home remodeling? Read our guide on home renovation.