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Month: April 2023

Designing a Wet Room Bathroom: 10 Tips

Wet room bathrooms are gaining popularity because they are airy, stylish, and easily accessible. With these wet room design tips, you can plan an open-concept, luxurious wet bathroom.

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1. Get Professional Tanking

Proper tanking is the most important feature of any wet room. Because water could spread across any part of the room, the whole area has to be completely water-tight. Hire experts to ensure to seal everything properly. Professional tanking will stop leaks before they can ever form!

2. Install Sloped Shower Trays

The shower tray can occupy as much or as little of the room as you want. However, it should be sloped so the room has adequate drainage. You can incorporate subtle gradients or dramatically sloped edges, depending on your preference.

3. Add Non-slip Flooring

Wet room bathrooms can get slippery, so look for ways to increase traction. You could add rugs and shower mats or use non-slip ceramic or vinyl flooring options. These textured finishes integrate smoothly with the rest of the room.

4. Use Shower Panels

In a wet room, the shower might occupy the entire space or just a small portion. To create a distinct shower space, use panels and doors to outline the boundaries. These fixtures contain the water and keep the rest of the room fairly dry.

5. Increase Accessibility

Some people prefer wet room bathrooms because they’re easier to navigate. If you have mobility issues, these customizable designs might appeal to you. You can add built-in accessibility features like wide spaces for wheelchairs, grab rails, or shower seats. 

6. Try Heated Floors and Towel Racks

Bathrooms often get damp and chilly, especially during the winter. To combat this problem, install heated floor panels and warm towel racks. Nothing is better than a warm, fluffy towel!

7. Add Floating Bathroom Fixtures

Wall-mounted or “floating” fixtures are a popular choice for wet room designs. It’s easier to clean them because there’s no base where water can accumulate. Experiment with hanging toilets, sinks, and shelves.

8. Consider Spa Upgrades

Wet room bathrooms don’t have to be purely utilitarian. Add spa-like features and transform the space into a peaceful oasis. Some wet rooms double as saunas, while others include built-in speakers and aromatherapy devices. 

9. Incorporate Natural Elements

You can also bring a touch of nature into your wet room design. Moisture-loving houseplants, wood accents, and natural lighting will make it feel more clean and airy.

10. Use Small Fixtures for Contrast

Finally, experiment with the fixture size in your wet room. Small showerheads and appliances make it feel like there’s extra space. Contrast is a powerful design tool; use it to your advantage.

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