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Regarding Covid-19

To our valued family of customers,

Pro Remodeling has chosen to remain open during our normal business hours during the current COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of our customers.  Pro Remodeling is following the Executive Order issued by Governor Doug Ducey on March 23, 2020 (EO-2020-12), listing essential services that should remain open: Critical trades, including contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Rest assured all of our employees are observing the protocols of safety recommended by medical experts: wash hands frequently, avoid crowds, limit close contact with others, etc.  We will be diligent in following the measures set forth to ensure your safety as well as our own.

adding a bump out to your home

What to Know Before Adding a Bump-Out to Your Home

Few things in life are as rewarding as owning a home. However, homeowners often find that they could use some extra space. Certains rooms might be smaller than needed, especially for growing families.

Our team at Pro Remodeling wrote this guide to help you learn more about adding a bump-out to your home. As Tucson’s home additions team, we can help you redesign your home and add more space. Call us at 520-745-9769 to speak with a remodeling pro!

What Is a Bump-Out?

Bump outs are small home add-ons that provide a few extra feet of space to rooms. Homeowners frequently use them to add space in otherwise cramped rooms or to add style and functionality. Unlike traditional home additions, bump-outs are inexpensive and quick to complete.

They also won’t interfere with your outdoor landscape. Unlike other home additions, which jut into your yard, bump-outs keep your yard pristine, giving you more space to enjoy the outdoors.

Are you interested in adding a bump-out to your home but unsure where to put it? You can place a bump out in any room with an exterior wall. As long as you follow your local building permits, you can do whatever you’d like with a bump-out.

Kitchen Bump-Outs

Kitchens can become cramped with appliances and cabinets. To make matters worse, hot ovens and stoves can cause these spaces to become warm and humid. Instead of spending a fortune on construction costs to build a brand-new open kitchen, you can use a bump out instead!

A kitchen bump-out can free up space, giving you room to add new cabinets or a kitchen island. Hot air will also circulate better in a kitchen with a bump out. Bump-outs are an excellent option for homeowners who want these benefits without changing their kitchen layout.

Using Bump-Outs for Your Bathroom

All a bathroom needs is a shower, a sink, and a toilet, right? While some homeowners might be content with a basic bathroom, others might prefer more space for better, more modern amenities.

A bathroom bump out is a cost-effective way to free up space for a vanity, a bathtub, or even a sauna! It also lets you update your old fixtures to more comfortable ones. Who knew adding a bump-out to your home could have so many benefits?

Bump-Outs Can Enlarge a Bedroom

Bedrooms are the perfect places to consider when adding a bump-out to your home. After installing a bump-out in your room, you can add more storage cabinets, a lounge area, a writing desk, or even a walk-in closet! The sky’s the limit regarding what you can do with this extra space, provided that you follow the relevant building codes.

Expert Bump-Out Installation Services

Our Pro Remodeling team provides Tucson, AZ, homeowners with quality bump-out installation services. Whether you want a minor renovation done or want to learn more about adding a room to a house, we can help.

If you’re thinking of adding a bump-out to your home, call us at 520-745-9769.