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how long does a home addition take

How Long Does a Home Addition Take?

Home improvement projects vary in complexity and scope depending on many factors, but how long does a home addition take? A home addition should not take more than four months to complete, but your contractor should give you a clear project timeline once they’ve inspected your home and drawn up plans for the renovation.

Pro Remodeling is a professional home additions contractor in Tucson in Tucson, here to help with your home improvement needs with home remodeling services. Call us at 520-745-9769 today to request a free consultation and learn how long your home addition may take.

Factors That Impact How Long a Home Addition Takes

For every renovation project, you can expect differing timelines. Home additions are no exception, and the scale of the project is disruptive and can be lengthy. 

  • The size and type of the addition: Adding a small first-story bedroom will be faster than expanding and redoing your kitchen or adding a second story.
  • Permits: For some additions, you’ll need to file for zoning permits with the city, which can take time as you wait for approval. 
  • Site preparation: If the space around your home has foliage or isn’t level, it takes time to prepare the site

A 1,000-square-foot addition to the side or rear of your home takes about four months to construct, including designing the addition, securing permits, preparing the site, and completing construction.

Design Phase

A professional architect should draw up home addition plans to secure proper measuring. Based on the plans, your contractor can give you an estimate of how long construction will take. Drawings and floor plans can take up to one to two months to complete, and you can rework them until you’re happy with them.

With such a large home improvement project, it’s best to know what you want but be flexible with small changes. Locking in designs will prevent the design phase from extending beyond the given schedule.

Construction Process

During construction time, you can expect a timeline of the anticipated work from your contractor. Cheaper home additions, such as a bump-out, add extra square footage to an existing room and won’t take as long as building a multi-room expansion.

How long does a home addition take? The construction process for a 1,000-square-foot addition typically follows this timeline:

  • Site Preparation: 1-3 days
  • Demolition: 3-6 days
  • Foundation: 1 week
  • Framing: 2-3 weeks
  • Rough ins: 2 weeks
  • Interior Finishes: 2 months

Factor in site preparations, landscaping, and exterior finishes. When adding a second-floor addition, the cost is often higher and can take three days longer.

Learn More About Home Remodeling Projects

How long does a home addition take? The answer varies depending on your plans but usually about four months. Home additions are an alternative to buying a new, bigger home. Not only does the addition give you more space, but it also adds value to the housing market. Home additions are a great choice if you plan to sell your home or simply want more space to accommodate a growing family.

If you plan on building an addition, contact our Pro Remodeling team at 520-745-9769 for a free consultation today.