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how to make a small kitchen look bigger

How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger: Top Six Ideas

We all love a kitchen with adequate space. However, it’s always tricky finding a spacious kitchen and the ideal home in one property.

Most people have to make do with a small kitchen that feels crowded and cramped. Fortunately, you can do something about it.

Pro Remodeling is Tucson’s top-rated kitchen remodeling services provider. We have all the home improvement tips and tricks you need. Here’s how to make a small kitchen look bigger.

1.    Choose Light-Reflective Design Elements

Light-reflective surfaces in your kitchen will bounce light around the room, making it feel instantly bigger and brighter. Add high-gloss doors, light-colored cabinets, and metallic accents on fixtures to make your kitchen feel larger.

You should also consider mounting mirrors around your kitchen walls. The artificial feeling of depth will make the room feel less congested.

2.    Draw Attention to the Floor

The floor rarely gets a mention when people are thinking about how to make a small kitchen look bigger. However, directional kitchen flooring can make it look bigger.

Options like chevron-format tiles and a wide herringbone pattern will make your kitchen floor feel wider and longer. When choosing the tiles, stick to pale-colored woods that reflect light. Light absorbing options will make the space feel more cramped.

3.    Get Rid of the Clutter

Storing kitchenware is more complex when space is minimal. However, clogging your worktops with too many items will make the kitchen feel even more overcrowded. Maintain a neater worktop to make your kitchen feel more organized.

Ideally, you should only leave kitchenware you use daily (coffee maker, toaster, kettle, etc.) on your kitchen island. Keep all the lesser-used items (food processors, sandwich makers, blenders, etc.) out of sight but within reach.

4.    Embrace a Corner Arrangement

If you have your kitchen cabinets on all four corners, the space will feel overcrowded. A one-sided arrangement across the wall space or an L-shape approach will give you the same amount of storage space, and your kitchen will feel more spacious.

5.    Choose Integrated Appliances

These appliances blend in nicely with the rest of your kitchen, and they have the same color as your cabinets and worktops. The sleek appearance will give you a streamlined look. As a result, your kitchen will no longer feel too busy.

6.    Install Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is an excellent way to make your kitchen feel larger. More light in the space will make it feel less cramped. Artificial lighting fixtures work; however, you should explore natural light options such as glass doors and skylights.

Talk to a Kitchen Remodeling Expert Today

We hope this is helpful for learning how to make a small kitchen look bigger. Talk to us if you need help remodeling your kitchen to get that airy feeling.

At Pro Remodeling, our team of expert remodelers can transform your kitchen while making excellent use of the space.

You can learn more about home additions or call Pro Remodeling at 520-745-9769 to discuss all kitchen design ideas in Tucson, AZ.