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In what order do you remodel a kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling can be a very tedious and complicated process. You need to consider a lot of variables before starting any remodeling procedures. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen for your own pleasure or for resale value.

In what order do you remodel a kitchen

Understanding the right steps to take when doing so is crucial to the final outcome.

For professional contractors, there is a proper process to follow when remodeling a kitchen. However, if you decide to make renovations yourself, obviously, you’ll be unaware of these steps. So, it’s essential to contact a professional contractor when remodeling any part of your home.

Doing so provides a safeguard for you against subpar work and results. Pro-Remodeling is a reputable painting contractor with years of experience. When hiring someone like Pro-Remodeling, you’re getting protection from start to finish.

Failing to remodel your kitchen in the correct order can result in a forfeited work essentially. Following the recommended order of steps to remodel a kitchen will save you tons of time and money. To learn more about in what

order a kitchen should be renovated, continue reading.

The proper order for remodeling a kitchen according to Pro-Remodeling

Before you do anything, demolition and the removal of old appliances come first. You can’t start to make any progress on your remodeling job without taking out all of the old finishing materials already installed. During the demolition process, several safety risks can arise. So, you need to contact someone like Pro-Remodeling to help.

After demolition is complete, installing your plumbing and framing comes next. This is a crucial phase because all of your pipes are re-configured and installed in their new locations. You can look at this step as building the backbone of your new kitchen. Once all the plumbing and framing installation is done, a city inspector needs to come out.

The inspection process ensures your kitchen complies with all local building codes. While it may seem like a pain in the behind, getting a professional inspection provides a safeguard for you and your family. So, you must get one before proceeding.

Now that your inspection is complete, you can get to the fun part of the renovation process. Here are all the steps you should follow in order once your inspection is done:

  • Wall Finishing- this is the part where your drywall is hung, and primer applied
  • Window/Door Installation- install any new doors or windows you want in your new kitchen
  • Plumbing Fixtures/Cabinets- start hanging cabinets and setting up your plumbing fixtures
  • New Appliances- bring in all of the latest appliances for your kitchen
  • New Flooring Installation- lay down the flooring material of your choice to give your kitchen a unique style
  • Finish The Job- by this point, you should be able to enjoy your newly renovated kitchen!

Getting the kitchen remodeling results you want

These steps may look simple, but they require lots of skill. You shouldn’t attempt to remodel your kitchen with no prior experience. Doing so can put the lives of you and your loved ones at risk. Hiring a professional contractor to handle your kitchen remodeling project is the best way to go.

A reputable contractor like Pro-Remodeling follows all of these steps to ensure long-lasting results.

People Also Ask

Q: What order should you renovate a kitchen?
A: you should always start from the inside out. Meaning demolition first, then plumbing and electrical. Next, you can start adding the finishing visual touches to your kitchen.

Q: What are the steps in remodeling a kitchen?
A: First, you need to create a budget. From there, you can begin making a list of all the items and accessories you want to add.

Q: Which comes first kitchen cabinets or flooring?
A: cabinets tend to come before flooring on most kitchen remodeling jobs. Flooring is a much larger and labor-intensive job than cabinets.

Understanding the answer to, what order do you remodel a kitchen?

Now that you know the proper order of steps for remodeling a kitchen, make your design ideas a reality. Contact a local area service provider like Pro-Remodeling to receive a quote. Make sure to compare reviews so you can make the right decision. Contact Pro-Remodeling today for more details.

How much does it cost to hire a general contractor?

How much does it cost to hire a general contractorTLDR: General contractors charge for their services using two primary methods. Most general contractors charge a fixed price for building or renovation projects. Allowing you to get a precise and accurate estimate after an inspection. Other general contractors charge by the hour. These contractors typically charge about $50-$100/hr. Before hiring any general contractor, go online, and compare the various service providers in your area.

Whether you’re trying to make improvements to your home or renovate an entire section, hiring a general contractor is the best way to go. For those DIY home improvement specialists out there who think they can handle all their renovation tasks with no help, don’t take risks.

Attempting DIY home improvements

While you may be able to perform some simple home improvements on your own, general contractors guarantee quality results. One of the major drawbacks of hiring a professional contractor for many people is paying for service.

General contractors can be expensive; but, they don’t have to be. The final price you pay for a general contractor will depend on the specific type of materials and procedures you’re trying to get done.

How much does it cost to hire a general contractor?

There is no real way to calculate the average cost of hiring a general contractor because every project is different. Another reason it’s hard to calculate the average price to hire a general contractor is that not all general contractors charge using the same metrics.

A small general contracting project can cost anywhere between $1,000-$5,000. For larger projects, you should expect to pay between $5,000-$10,000 and up. Keep in mind, these are just general numbers, and your project cost will depend on the desired result you’re trying to achieve.

Breakdown of general contractor hourly pay

For general contractors that charge for their service by the hour, you can expect to pay between $50-$100/hr. Most general contractors who charge hourly rates do so during the pre-construction process. After, they revert to flat-rate pricing once the construction phase begins.

One thing that is concrete about hiring general contractors is that they provide comprehensive support throughout the process. Anytime you hire a professional general contractor, they will provide you with the following:

  • Construction Management – general contractors can help you get necessary permits. They can also assist with hiring individual tradesmen.
  • Design Help – general contractors can help you design the perfect layout for your home. Doing so on your own can be challenging.
  • Reduced Material Cost – a lot of general contractors, have existing relationships with material providers. This allows them to get the same materials you want at a significantly reduced cost. Especially compared to you buying them yourself.
  • Pre-Planning Help – general contractors can assess your property and give you an accurate project estimate. The pre-planning stage is also the phase in which your contractor will begin building your new project’s blueprint.

Finding a reliable yet affordable general contractor

It’s hard to find skilled tradespeople who can complete certain aspects of your building or renovation project. This is one of the primary reasons why it’s so beneficial to hire a general contractor. While it may seem unnecessary you to hire a general contractor, the value gained is worth more than the money spent.

Go online and do a little research about some of the best general contractors in your area. Doing so will enable you to compare the various service providers out there to decide which one can complete the job. All general contractors will be more than willing to sit down and work on your budget with you. Ensuring you stay within your bounds without sacrificing quality results.

People Also Ask

Q: How do general contractors set their prices?
A: General contractors set their prices in two distinct ways. Either they’ll charge a fixed price or give you a bid for the total cost of your project.

Q: Why hire a general contractor?
A: most general contractors have connections with sizeable commercial material providers. Because of this, they’ll be able to give you special discounts on the work you need. At the same time, ensuring high-quality results due to their experience.

Q: How to choose a reputable contractor?
A: you can perform an analysis of how reputable a general contractor is by reviewing their service history. Comparing their experience with other service providers in your area also works.

Understanding how much does it cost to hire a general contractor

Use all the information in this article to assist in your journey of finding the right general contractor for your next project. Before contacting a general contractor, ask yourself these two questions: “How much am I willing to spend to get the results I want?” and “What areas of my project can be sacrificed to save money?”

If a general contractor is what you need contact Pro Remodeling today. We’ll make sure to bring your dream home to life!

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen? Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to add a new ambiance and overall look to your home. When approaching any kitchen remodeling project, the first thing you need to consider is the total cost.

Kitchen remodeling projects can cost anywhere from $20,000-$100,000+, all depending on your kitchen’s size and the kind of materials you want to install. If you’re going to get a rough estimate of how much your kitchen remodeling project will cost, create a breakdown chart listing all of the elements you’ll upgrade, such as appliance, lighting, windows, and more. This will help you formulate an actionable strategy that you can use to save money while also getting the finished look you desire.

Kitchens are intimate spaces that allow us to enjoy special dinners and create lasting memories with those most important. If you recently moved into a new home or have been living in your existing home for quite some time, remodeling your kitchen can be a great way to add an entirely new ambiance and feeling in your home overall. Undertaking a kitchen remodel project can be quite overwhelming at first, especially if it’s your first time.

Several steps and factors involved wit any kitchen remodel that should be considered before buying any materials or contacting a remodeling company to help you. One of the significant factors in any kitchen remodeling project is the cost, prices for every kitchen remodel varies due to variables such as size, materials, layout, and more.

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen but want more information before starting the process, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the things you can expect when taking on your kitchen remodel.

What is the average cost of a kitchen remodel?

To get an accurate gauge as to exactly how much your kitchen remodeling project will cost in the end, you need to sit down and figure out all of the solid numbers. Solid numbers were referring to all of the elements of your kitchen remodeling project that can be quantified. This includes the cost of materials you want to use, square footage, labor costs, and any other unique attributes you wish to add to your new kitchen.

Whether you believe it or not, the part of the country that you live in will impact how much you pay for your kitchen remodel. This is due to the fact that individual states and localities have different stipulations that regulate utilities such as water and heat, which may be factors your remodeling contractor has to deal with when revamping your kitchen.

You can use a simple and straightforward breakdown to calculate a rough estimate of how much you will pay in total for your kitchen remodeling project. Take a look below to see it.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Breakdown

  • Hardware & Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Ceilings & Walls
  • Plumbing & Faucets
  • Countertops
  • Ventilation & Appliances
  • Windows & Doors
  • Installation
  • Design Fees

On average, you can expect to pay about $100-$200 per hour for a professional kitchen remodeling design expert to help you create the layout for your new space. Included in that price, you can expect to receive benefits such as start-to-finish management & support, color & material selection, 3D renders, and coordinated contact with suppliers & contractors.

Save money without making any sacrifices!

When remodeling your kitchen, you should consider implementing elements that will help you save money. This can include things like energy-efficient appliances, smart lighting, etc.

This is how much you can expect to pay for a kitchen remodeling project purely based on your kitchen’s size:

  • Small- $20,800
  • Medium- $62,200
  • Large- $123,000

Of course, all of these numbers are rough estimates and will vary based upon the type of materials you decide to use. You can’t get an accurate estimate for your kitchen remodeling project without actually letting your desired contractor come to your home to perform an on-site inspection.

However, you can use all of the tips and information we’re included in this article to formulate rough guesses about how much your desired kitchen remodeling project will cost when it’s all said and done. To make sure you get the best service for your money, you should take the time to go online and perform a search for all of the kitchen remodeling contractors in your area.

People Also Ask

Q: How much does it cost to replace the kitchen cabinets?

A: The typical cost to replace standard 10 x 12 kitchen cabinets is around $1,000-$3,000 if your cabinets are made from a laminate material. That price range increases to about $2,000-$6,000 for real wood cabinets. For higher quality kitchen cabinet materials, the cost can quickly rise to $7,000-$9,000.

Q: How much is a small kitchen remodel?

A: The average price for a standard-sized kitchen remodel project is about $12,500-$35,000. For very small kitchens, you could easily spend only $4,000; however, that is an extremely rough estimate as it all depends on the type of materials you’re trying to install and any existing design elements that may impact the remodel process.

Q: How long does a kitchen remodel take?

A: Every kitchen remodel will take a different amount of time-based upon its size, the new design elements being implemented, the type of materials being used, and the contractor who is doing the work. On average, it can take 6-8 weeks for a moderately sized kitchen to be remodeled. When you get into larger kitchens, that amount of time can quickly increase to about 10-12 weeks.


We’ve covered all of the most essential facts and information you need to know about figuring out your next kitchen remodeling project’s total cost. Before hiring a contractor to carry out your desires, ask yourself these two questions “What kind of materials do I want to install in my new kitchen?” and “How large is my kitchen in total square feet?” By answering these simple questions, you will be able to go into your kitchen remodeling project with a clear vision of the end result you want.

Get in touch with a kitchen remodeling specialist

The Spruce has a great article on the costs of a kitchen remodel


How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A bathroom? Remodeling your bathroom can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. However, when done correctly, new bathroom design can go a long way in increasing the overall value of your property. Before you approach any bathroom remodeling project, you need to consider all of the important variables that will go into the process so you can get a clear idea of how much you can expect to pay for the final results. Some of the crucial factors you need to consider include material costs, labor costs, permits, accessories, and more.

Bathrooms are designed to give us a personal space where we take care of all our hygienic needs. For this very reason, you should want your bathroom to feel fresh, refreshing, and clean all the time. One of the best ways to do so is by implementing a new design that will breathe new life into your bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom can be very time-consuming and tedious, depending on your space’s size and any unique elements you want to add in.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are a few important things that you’ll want to consider to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Variables such as the materials you use for your remodeling project, the size of your bathroom, your existing layout, and more will impact your project’s final cost.

If you’re someone interested in remodeling their bathroom but want more information about the entire process before spending any money, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re going to provide you with a detailed look into everything you can expect to deal with when remodeling your bathroom.

Average Cost Of Remodeling A Bathroom

The first thing to remember when remodeling your bathroom is that you do not need to panic. While remodeling your bathroom can seem like a very tedious and time-consuming task, as long as you take the time to plan correctly, you will be able to get the results you desire hassle-free. Remodeling your bathroom goes a long way besides improving its appearance, it will also help increase your home’s overall value if you ever decide to sell it.


There are a few main components to remodeling a bathroom that you need to consider so you can come up with an accurate estimate of how much it will cost you. Take a look below to see all of the factors that go into determining the final price of your bathroom remodeling project.

Important Factors To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

  • Material quality- there are several different material quality levels available for all of the components that will go into your bathroom. For example, laminate cabinets cost less than cabinets made from real wood. You need to consider the quality of materials that will go into your bathroom because that will be a significant component in determining the price.
  • Room Size- The bathroom size is also important because larger spaces require more furnishings, paint, etc. If your bathroom is relatively large, there really is no way to cut corners or reduce costs in that aspect.
  • Accessories- this is the part of your budget that will be allocated towards purchasing all of the various cabinetry, lighting, appliances, etc. that you want to install. Get a clear picture of how much all of your new accessories will cost so that you can formulate an accurate budget estimate.
  • Floor Plan- if you want to add more floor space to your bathroom, you can expect to add about $5,000 and up to your overall budget.

All of these various elements are critical to the bathroom remodeling process. By taking the time to sit down and create a clear outline of all these various costs, you will be able to save tons of money during the renovation process.

Ensuring You Get The Results You Desire

If you hire a general contractor to perform your remodeling project, you can expect to pay about $300-$400 a day, as this is the average national cost. Costs related to plumbing and electricity will vary depending on your bathroom’s set-up and what kind of changes you’re trying to implement.

Depending on where you’re located within the US, you may be required to obtain certain building permits before being able to add specific sections to your bathroom. These are all things that will apply to you on an individual basis, so it’s best if you speak with your desired bathroom remodeling contractor to get a clear view of all the costs involved with your bathroom remodeling project.

People Also Ask

Q: What is the average labor cost to remodel a bathroom?

A: As of right now, the national average cost to remodel a bathroom of regular size is about $6,500. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay roughly $70 per square foot for low-end renovations and $250 per square foot for high-quality renovations. Depending on the type of look you’re going for, you can easily pay more than $15,000 for a quality kitchen remodeling job.

Q: Can you remodel a bathroom for $5,000?

A: While most remodeling contractors will try to tell you that $5000 isn’t enough to remodel your bathroom, you can absolutely remodel a bathroom for $5,000 total as long as you make sure you choose the right materials and choose a contractor who has excellent connections to reliable suppliers.

Q: How long should a bathroom remodel take?

A: It typically takes a month to complete an entire bathroom remodeling project; however, that time can be shortened or longer all depending on what’s involved with the project.


By now, you know everything that there is to know about how to approach the process of remodeling your bathroom. Before contacting any contractors in your area to receive a service estimate, ask yourself these two simple questions: “Do I plan on changing the floor plan of my bathroom?” and “What unique elements do I want to include in my new bathroom design?” Answering these questions will allow you to come up with a straightforward remodeling concept that can be implemented in no time.

FIXR has a good guide to bathroom remodel costs

Get in touch today!


How much should I spend on home remodeling

How Much Should I Spend on a Home Renovation?

How Much Should I Spend on a Home Renovation?. Well, The home remodeling process is very exciting. It’s your chance to invest in the value and quality of your most important financial asset and essential living space. Who doesn’t love the feeling of beholding a brand-new open-space kitchen? What about stepping into a quality, newly-tiled walk-in shower with custom glass doors and mosaic displays?

The possibilities are endless and titillating. But, we all know the most important part of this exciting prospect is the finances. Before committing to such an investment, you want to get a good idea of what to expect financially. To help you get a better idea of what to expect, we have a few general rules to guide you in the process. The average home renovation runs at about $100-$200 per square foot renovated. Here’s a quick visual of general renovation costs:

Kitchen Remodel Cost– $13,000-$37,000

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost– $3,000-$24,000

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Some rooms run at a higher cost compared to others. For example, kitchens tend to be both the most common and the most pricy of the renovation projects. Kitchen remodels range from about $13,000 to $37,000 with an average cost of about $24,000. That being said, very low-cost kitchen remodels can be about $4000 and very high-cost kitchen remodels can run upwards of $60,000. Even with a single remodel consideration, numerous factors need to be considered to establish an accurate cost estimate. The materials needed and the extensiveness of the remodel itself will change the cost associated with a kitchen remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

The next most common remodeling project is the bathroom–and more specifically, the master bathroom. Master Bathroom remodels range from about $3,000 to $24,000 with an average cost of about $11,000. A more common average cost range for bathrooms is typically about $6,000 to $13,000. Many factors impact the cost including the materials you choose and the extent of the remodel needed. For instance, new flooring can range quite a bit in cost as well as custom features like tiling and glass fixtures in bathrooms.

Cost Estimates are Essential

You can’t get around the fact that you must consult with a contractor to get an accurate estimate for your project. This doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience! In fact, at Pro Remodeling, we know how stressful it can be to navigate the process–which is why we approach the process with complete transparency and exceptional customer care. Our company was built on the simple notion of providing exceptional craftsmanship delivered on time at affordable prices.

We love providing exceptional service at an affordable price. Through close collaboration and clear communication, we make the process as easy as possible. In addition, Pro Remodeling excels at delivering stunning results without wasting time, money, resources, or materials. We know how to build fantastic remodel projects while meeting your budget needs or staying under budget, as we often do for our valued customers.

Quality Tucson Contractors

Pro Remodeling is a local, family-owned business established in Tucson in 1971 and we have delivered exceptional remodeling results for thousands of Arizonans over the years. Every project is premium-quality, fairly priced, and executed with timely efficiency. When you hire Pro, you are putting over 45 years of experience and expertise to work for you. Give us a call at 520-745-9769 today and make your home dreams come true!

Need more inspiration? Check out The Home Show.

Want to find out why we are the premier home remodeling company in Tucson

Is it Cheaper to Remodel or Build a New House?

For folks with homes in need of significant renovations, they may be curious about whether it is cheaper to remodel or to build a new house completely? In most cases, it is far more cost-effective to remodel the existing home rather than building a new house. Of course, there are rare instances where the condition of the house is such that complete demolition is necessary. For example, significant fire damage, extreme flooding, or other disastrous circumstances may warrant a total re-build rather than attempting to salvage the house.

Remodel Costs Vary

So much depends on which parts of the home need to be remodeled. For instance, are you looking to renovate only the kitchen? Perhaps you are in need of bathroom upgrades or bedroom overhauls–maybe all of the above. Let’s look at each remodel project one by one and return to the big question of whether you want to remodel or build a new house.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Kitchen remodels range from about $13,000 to $37,000 with an average cost of about $24,000. That being said, very low-cost kitchen remodels can be about $4000 and very high-cost kitchen remodels can run upwards of $60,000. Even with a single remodel consideration, numerous factors need to be considered to establish an accurate cost estimate. The materials needed and the extensiveness of the remodel itself will change the cost associated with a kitchen remodel. More inspiration can be found here

Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom remodels range from about $2,500 to $25,000 with an average cost of about $10,000. A more common average cost range for bathrooms is typically about 4,500 to $9,000. Since there are so many factors that go into a bathroom remodel it is not possible to pin down an exact cost without consulting with a contracting professional with specific information regarding your home and your goals. Still, these general cost ranges can help you begin to formulate a plan!

Getting an Accurate, Reliable Cost Estimate

Thus, for a more precise price estimate, you will want to take the step of reaching out to a contractor for an estimate based on your needs. At Pro Remodeling serving Tucson and the surrounding Southern Arizona communities, we always offer free estimates for all remodeling projects. So just give us a call for your appraisal and you can move forward on the planning process move up are.
Advantages of a remodel over building a new home

While it may be tempting to build a whole new house, there are numerous advantages to remodeling the one you currently reside in. For instance, the cost is likely to be significantly cheaper to remodel. This is especially true if you only need remodeling in a few parts of the home like the kitchen or bathrooms–the most common remodel locations. Additionally, it is an advantage to add your own personal touch to what you currently have. Remodels are great because you can keep what you like while improving what needs work.

Tucson’s Trusted Home Contractors

There are so many factors to consider when you are ready for a remodel or a home build. Ultimately, this decision depends on what is best for your unique situation. Whatever you end up deciding, it is essential that you consider your own finances and you consult with trusted professionals to make a decision you can stand by. This is why we encourage you to contact Pro Remodeling today to speak with one of our experts in home remodeling. At Pro, we’re in the business of turning houses into homes.

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

When you are considering hiring a contractor for a master bathroom remodel, you will most likely be first interested in understanding the cost of the project. How much does a master bathroom remodel cost? Master bathroom remodels in Tucson range from about $3,000 to $24,000 with an average cost of about $11,000. However, the average cost range for master bathrooms is typically about 6,000 to $12,000. Because there are so many factors that go into a master bathroom remodel that it is hard to estimate the cost without specific information regarding your personal goals. Nonetheless, these general cost ranges can help you understand what many people pay in Arizona.

Cost and Estimates in for a Master Bathroom Remodel

For a more precise price, you will want to take the step of reaching out to a contractor for an estimate based on your needs. For example, here at Pro Remodeling we always offer free estimates for all remodeling projects. So just give us a call for your appraisal and you can move forward on the planning process move up are. We are operational and available to serve you today!

How Does the Master Bathroom Remodel Process Work?

After you contact our team, we arrange an appointment to come to your job site to discuss your goals and expectations. Next, we write-up a bid proposal for you to review usually sent to you within a week. Important details such as the material selection, project choices, cost, and job duration estimate are included along with our standard contract for review and signature. When the signed contract is received by us, we will call you to schedule a start date and we will begin ordering the materials and appliances needed for your project. Work commences on the agreed-upon date. Then the job is completed for you to enjoy!

Custom Bathroom Remodels

When it’s time to update your outdated, weary-looking mast bathroom into the bathroom space you’ve always dreamed of, then no one does it better than Pro Remodeling. Enjoy custom design with all the amenities you could dream of–whether it’s a custom tiled shower or bathtub, new toilets, new counters, and sinks, whatever your needs, we can make it happen. We are here to transform your master bathroom into the perfect space for you and your partner. Pro Remodeling has delivered hundreds of stunning, modern, spacious master bathroom remodels for satisfied clients across Southern Arizona through the years. We are ready to partner with you to make your master bathroom renovation dreams a reality.

Why Go with Pro?

Pro Remodeling is a family-owned business first established in Tucson in 1971. We have thrived by operating from the simple principle of providing superior craftsmanship on time at an affordable price with transparency along every step of the way. When you hire Pro, you put 45 years of expertise to work for you. With the reputation, longevity, and stunning portfolio you have to see to believe, you can rest-assured knowing Pro Remodeling is your best choice for a Tucson master bathroom remodel and home contracting team. Give us a call today at 520-745-9769 for information about your next master bathroom remodel cost.

Whole House Remodeling Guide

If you’re interested in getting started with the whole home makeover have you come to the right place! Here, we have compiled all of the most useful information that you will need to know in order to get started on your home remodeling project. Whether you’re looking for one or two upgrade options such as the kitchen or master bathroom, or you are interested in more comprehensive remodeling information, we will discuss all the necessary components for you to get started.

Where do Begin My House Remodeling Project?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about where to begin when it comes to a home upgrade project, you’re not alone! You can be a bit overwhelming to consider where to begin and what you should know when you’re embarking on a home remodel project. But rest assured there are many resources out there for you and we will discuss some important tips as you read ahead.

You are not Alone

Did you know? A recent survey by LightStream Home Improvement found that 58% of American homeowners are hoping to invest in home improvement projects during the year. But starting a home remodeling project can be a scary and frustrating prospect.

Caution is Warranted for the Remodeling Process

And with good cause! In fact, remodel contractors received the 2nd most consumer complaints in the U.S! So to combat those scary numbers, the team at Pro Remodeling in Tucson is here to help you get your footing on what to expect and where to begin with your home project.

Our proven guide will help you avoid a frustrating, costly experience with subpar contractors. Instead, we will set you up for success as you dream about the home improvement possibilities.

Step 1: The Research Phase

Generate Ideas & Explore What You Want

First, start your brainstorm by using the internet to explore what you like. Platforms like Houzz and Pinterest are fantastic for collecting pictures and styles you love.

At Pro Remodeling, we often use pictures from our clients to achieve the perfect look folks have in mind. After all, a picture says a 1000 words!

Plan Out a Remodel Budget

You want to start with a general estimate of what you can spend and how much the project you envision could cost.

At Pro Remodeling, we always provide free, no-obligation estimates for your project before we begin the work. Just call us at 520-745-5769 to schedule an appointment for an estimate!

Research Remodel Contractors

Search out remodel contractors in your area and consider the most popular review platforms while screening for quality and reliability. Sites like Better Business Bureau, Listing, and Houzz provide information on whether a contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured as well as other relevant factors.

Browse reviews on Google, Yelp, and others to decide whether the contractor in question is trustworthy and can provide quality results. In the contracting business, an overall rating of 4 out of 5 or better is considered to be a good rating since there are so many different factors at play.

At Pro Remodeling, we are happy to report a growing number of 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers across many platforms and an impressive 4.8 Google rating. When people are excited about amazing results and a smooth experience, they will share about it online!

Step 2: The Discovery Phase

Evaluate the Phone Call Experience

Good communication is key to enjoying a positive remodel experience. If the initial phone call with a contracting company is concerning, you may want to stop right there with the company.

The first phone call is important for both the contractor and the customer to make sure there is a good fit. So when you do make that first phone call, be ready with a description of your project, a rough budget, and many questions for the contractor to ensure they are qualified for the job.

Be Prepared

Here are some of the most common questions a good contractor will ask. So you will want to have answers ready to the following types of questions:

  • Where is your house located?
  • What are you looking for in a contractor?
  • What project or projects are you looking to complete?
  • Why do you want to do this remodel project?
  • When are you looking to have the project completed?
  • Have you ever remodeled before? How was that experience?
  • Does your estimated budget match up with the cost of the project?

The In-Home Meeting

Evaluate the experience for the in-home meeting. Does the contractor seem like a good fit? Are they prepared, experienced? Do they answer your questions openly and honestly? Will they be able to deliver on what you’re hoping to accomplish? Can they provide proof of credentials? It is a big decision to commit to partnering with a general contractor for getting home improvement projects accomplished, so go in with a clear head and a willingness to ask a lot of questions!

Step 3: The Plan Phase

By the time you are ready to sign the agreement, you have worked out what you expect from the project, how much it will cost, and how long the project will take. Once you are comfortable with all those factors, you are ready to sign the written agreement.

At Pro Remodeling, our number one goal is to provide exceptional service at an affordable price. Close collaboration and straightforward communication mean our contractors help you accomplish your remodeling goals according to your budget.

Our team has the experience, equipment, and know-how to deliver exceptional craftsmanship without wasting time, money, resources, or materials. As a result, we are happy to do custom and creative work to optimize your home’s layout.

Step 4: The Build Phase

Before we start your remodel project, we make sure that all of the details have been hammered out. Once all of the materials and building styles have been selected, we can get to work with optimal efficiency to prepare for the build, execute the project, and swiftly clean-up so you can get on with enjoying your new remodel.

Step 5: Enjoy The Results!

At Pro Remodeling, we ensure that we are on the same page every step of the way. As your project is nearing completion, we make sure to document the results with professional-grade photography, and we always check in with our clients to make sure the project is in line with their expectations.

Pro Remodeling is committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship that is in line with our client’s goals and that will last for years to come. This is why we guarantee the quality of our work because we make sure to get the job done right for each customer!

What to Expect for Specific Remodel Projects

To further support you with helpful information, we will briefly discuss what to expect with specific remodeling projects including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, interior, and exterior remodels.

Kitchen Remodel Projects

Pro Remodeling offers a wide variety of kitchen remodel services. Essentially, whatever you can envision for your kitchen, we can create. Whether you prefer a targeted approach with new countertops and a new finish for cabinetry, for example, or a more involved construction project with an architectural overhaul, our seasoned contractors are here to turn your dream into reality.

Kitchen Upgrade Process

We collaborate closely with you to help you decide on the best path for your kitchen remodel. Everything is discussed transparently in the planning phase so you know the cost, the design, and the time frame for the remodel. At Pro Remodeling, we take the guesswork out of the project.

After the consultation, we provide you with the design and concept drawings before we start the project. Plus, as a contractor with decades of experience, we help you save money at each step. We assist in purchasing materials for your kitchen remodel in

Tucson such as tile, granite, plumbing, lighting fixtures, and even new appliances.

Bathroom Remodel Process

Again, there are countless options when it comes to bathroom remodel options. At Pro Remodeling, we listen carefully to your preferences and budget goals. We share our expert knowledge to help you choose the best course of action to bring your dreams into reality. Our skilled contractors have remodeled countless bathrooms over the years so we are well versed in the nuances of pricing, quality, and time estimates so you can make fully-informed decisions.

Taking the Guesswork out of Home Improvement

Again and again, our clients are surprised by the superb results we manage with the budget they can afford. Investing in the quality of your home is a big decision with countless small choices along every step of the way. We take the uncertainty out of the equation with accurate estimates on cost and time. Plus, we create concept drawings of the design so you know what the finished product will be before you commit.

Interior Remodeling Expectations

Interior remodeling projects have a lot of variety in terms of types. Truly, there are so many different kinds of remodeling projects – the possibilities seem limitless! But not to worry, the pros at Pro Remodeling are skilled at helping you navigate the whole interior remodeling process. That’s right, we help along every step from the consultation and planning, to the delivery of services, all the way through the complete cleanup.

Experience Counts

After years of experience working with homeowners, we have learned a thing or two about how to deliver an excellent product with as little hassle to our customers as possible. Our business is built on the simple concept of delivering top quality results at fair prices in a timely and efficient manner. The last thing you want is an undependable contractor changing costs and dragging a project out. Instead, put those worries to rest and go pro with Pro Remodeling.

Exterior Remodeling Projects

Many homeowners don’t realize how impactful a home exterior upgrade can be. However, exterior remodels are actually one of the most cost-effective ways to raise your home’s value! After all, what’s on the outside certainly counts too! At Pro Remodeling, we have been helping homeowners achieve their dreams with beautiful exterior redesigns for decades. Our exterior construction contractors can do it all. We design and build custom entryways, garages, porches and decks, columns, door and window projects, as well as updates to roofing and siding.

Pro Guides Your Through the Process

Let the Pro Remodeling team work with you to navigate the process of making the choices on the many details that come together for the perfect overall impression. We only use quality materials and we deliver a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles to create the house exterior with the functionality and personality to match your goals. Quality materials, timeless design, and dependable service set Pro apart as Tucson’s trusted exterior remodeling contractor.

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Go with Tucson’s Best Remodel Contractor

Pro Remodeling is a local, family-owned business established in Tucson in 1971 and is regarded as one of the most trusted, best run, and customer friendly contractors that provide the best home remodeling Tucson has experienced.

Our business is built on the simple concept of delivering top-quality results at fair prices in a timely and efficient manner. When you hire Pro, you are putting over 45 years of experience and expertise to work for you. Give us a call at 520-745-5769, you’ll be glad you did.

Remodeling an old house on a budget

remodeling an old house on a budget

If you’re looking for into on Remodeling an old house on a budget, you’ve come to the right place! Nothing brings new energy and value like a quality remodel for your home. However, renovation projects take time and financial investment to accomplish. Nonetheless, there are actually many different kinds of projects that you can do on a more modest budget. Here we will share all the tips and secrets to help you accomplish your home renovation dreams while on a budget.

Start with Low Cost, Low Labor Tasks

When it comes to Remodeling an old house on a budget, you want to start with projects that are cheap and easy, but that also make an impact on the look and feel of your home. So, the question is, what kinds of projects are manageable to accomplish on your own and don’t require a lot of expensive materials to get done?

The following is a list of tasks that meet this very criterion:

    1. Deep Cleaning: You might think cleaning isn’t really a remodeling project. However, oftentimes old houses don’t get a good thorough cleaning for years or even decades! We tend to clean the areas that we use most and we tend to clean in the same way over and over. The problem is that certain areas go uncleaned for quite some time. In fact, as time goes by, we tend to become unaware of the build-up of dirt and grime to those areas that we don’t think about regularly. Still, a really thorough deep-clean makes a big impact on the overall quality of your home. So, a good first step when it comes to remodeling is to start with a thorough top to bottom cleaning.
    2. Get Rid of Possessions: Along those same lines, simply cutting down on junk and build-up of unused possessions can have a transformative effect on your home. Bring a little Marie Kondo into your life and you’ll be amazed at how much better your home feels. While it can be very satisfying to pour money into a complete, professional renovation project, getting started with a thorough spring cleaning and junk clear-out can impact you in a similar way emotionally and objectively for the aesthetics of your home.
    3. Change Things Up: by taking a fresh look at the interior design of your home, you can find creative ways to change the look and feel of different rooms without taking a sledgehammer to the walls. Take some time to scroll your favorite platforms such as Pinterest for inspiring ideas for new interior designs. These can be less expensive ways to make your home look like new without making big investment changes.
    4. Lighting: without too much trouble and for a reasonable price, you can enjoy a transformative effect by getting new light fixtures throughout the home. In fact, wall scone lamps, for example, can be purchased for about $25 a piece. Quality and cheap fixtures can be skillfully placed to great effect. You may have to get your hands dirty and stretch your ability a bit if you need to use some electrical skills to install such fixtures, but, if need be, you can always hire a contractor or electrician for just a limited project help.
    5. Painting: most people don’t get terribly excited about do-it-yourself painting, but it’s hard to argue with the visual impact that a fresh coat of paint can have to liven up a worn-down space. Try to get excited about the project and involve others (who are willing) to help you tackle your home painting project. Once again, it’s very helpful to browse through different images online or through your favorite social media platforms to help you imagine what can best be implemented in your own space.

    Pro Remodeling Kitchen results

    Save Money While Working with professionals

    When you’re ready to up the ante and invest in professional assistance with your home renovation project, there are still many different strategies you can implement to save money along the way. Remodeling an old house on a budget and hiring professionals is possible. In fact, this is such an important topic that we’ve broken down into even more individual tips for you:

    1. Work Out Your Budget with Precision: it’s very important for you to know exactly what your budget is while having a bit of a range for what you’re willing to spend. The general advice is to have about 80% of your budget to spend on a project while knowing that it is common for home improvement projects to have some extra costs along the way. However, try to find a general contractor with the reputation of staying to their client’s budget or even under budget. It might seem strange that having a budget in mind beforehand is likely to save you money, but when you aren’t specific on what you can pay with the professionals you work with the costs tend to rise!
    2. Communicate Clearly and Plan Ahead: When working with professionals, it’s important to have your goals clearly stated early in the process. And it’s important to continue communicating with the contracting team throughout the project. When you and your contractor are on the same page, it cuts down the risk of having things done that is different from your expectations. When mistakes like that happened, it usually costs you time and money. However, when you have a clear plan of what you want and how you want it done and you communicate that to your contractor, this helps the process to go smoothly and helps you to stay at or under budget.
    3. Do What You Can to Cut Down on Labor: Oftentimes, you can ask your contractor ways for you to be involved to cut down on the cost of labor. For example, perhaps you are willing to pull up carpeting yourself prior to having new flooring installed, or maybe you have some skills in the deconstruction process and you’re willing to do that part of the project yourself. Think about what you are willing to do and discuss these matters with your contractor during the planning phase of the remodel.
    4. Ask for Advice from your Contractor to Save Money: Once you have a contractor that you trust, you can take advantage of their expertise to find many creative ways to save money. For example, the professionals in this industry have insider knowledge about ways to find cheaper materials that still meet the quality expectations from yourself in the contracting team. Plus, a skilled contractor knows ways to procure Materials at lower costs in general. Just ask your team for ways to save money and explore those options creatively. You might be surprised what you can get done when you think outside of the box and you take advantage of skilled professionals.

    Choose a Pro Team for your Pro Project

    Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you with practical ways to Remodeling an old house on a budget. If you’re looking to get help from a high-quality, respected contracting company in Tucson, there’s no better choice than Pro Remodeling. We take pride in meeting our client’s goals while staying at or under budget. Give us a call with any questions you may have or set up a free, no-obligation home appointment to discuss your project. We look forward to being a part of your home renovation dreams.

In What Order Should I Remodel My House?

The kitchen certainly gets a lot of attention but there's no denying the importance of a fabulous master bathroom. Call Pro-Remodeling to get started.When it comes to remodeling your home, one of the biggest questions is, In What Order Should I Remodel My House? The kitchen certainly gets a lot of attention but there’s no denying the importance of a fabulous master bathroom. For those who are ready to get a remodeling project started, it’s important to figure out how you would like to allocate your resources first and foremost.

Consider Your Motivations for Remodeling

There are many different important considerations for the remodeling process. For instance, are you looking to add value to your home before you sell it, or are you hoping to get the most enjoyment out of the living experience yourself? Importantly, what kind of budget are you working with? What about the timeframe expectations and goals? These questions and many others can be addressed with help from the team at Pro Remodeling. Our goal is always to get you the best house for your buck and ensure that your preferences are the top priority.

Kitchen Remodels

By far the most common home remodeling project and arguably the most highly valued is the kitchen. After all, your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to entertain your guests, and it needs to be both beautiful and practical. So if you’re looking to cook up your best kitchen yet, consider these tips from Pro. This will help you determine In What Order Should I Remodel My House.


Tips to Prepare

  1. Plan Out the Changes: Come up with a good preliminary concept plan for your kitchen remodel project. You can find pictures and concepts online of kitchen styles and layouts that speak to you. Later, as you continue the process of remodeling, you can share your images with a trusted contracting team. At Pro, we make sure to take time to thoroughly get to know the ideas our clients have for the remodeling project. As a result, the better you feel about what you want, the smoother the process can go to bring your dreams to fruition.
  2. Explore Your Budget Capabilities: How much you intend to spend on a project? The best practice is to plan for the most you could afford and aim for 70-80% of that for the project. This is because, for better or worse, extra costs often occur during construction projects. So when you plan for a cushion, so to speak, you won’t be completely thrown off by unexpected bumps along the way. That being said, at Pro Remodeling, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet and exceed your remodeling goals while keeping costs at or below budget.
  3. Contact a Contractor: You want to get in touch with a trusted, highly rated contractor in your area to discuss the details of the project. Kitchen remodels have a wide range of potential costs depending on a variety of factors including decisions for appliances, flooring, countertops, backsplashes, cabinetry, and more. The extent of the work factors into the materials required and hours for labor. Expect a professional kitchen remodel project to range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind, beautiful, freshly remodeled kitchens have incredible resale value for the home.

Bathroom Renovation

While kitchen remodels are undoubtedly valuable, bathroom remodels go a long way to improving your home value as well. Nothing speaks to luxury comfort like a beautiful modern bathroom with all the amenities. Whether that means new countertops, sinks, fixtures, flooring, showers, or toilets–or even a whole new architectural concept. An expertly designed bathroom remodel simply cannot be beaten. Have a look at our Bathroom Remodeling page for more ideas.

Tips for Bathrooms

So, once again, when it’s time to get ready for a bathroom remodel start with the concept and the budget and then start to meet with your professional team. Think about all the details that you’d like and consider the budget that you’re working with before reaching out for professional guidance. Nonetheless, if you haven’t hammered out all the details that’s all right too. Our team at pro remodeling is happy to offer our expert knowledge and advice to get you on the right track toward meeting your home remodeling goals.

Bathroom Remodeled Laundry Room Upgrades

One area of the home that may not have gotten much attention until recent years is the remodel of your laundry room. As any beautifully curated Pinterest board will tell you, an updated laundry room can work wonders in your day-to-day life. Imagine the joy that could come From your laundry room to be your new favorite place in the home! Something as simple as built-in storage can be a game-changer not only for the aesthetics but for the pragmatism of your washroom.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

There are countless different ways that you can go about remodeling your home. In the end, it all depends on what you value. Where do you think you a remodel could make the biggest impact? Many homeowners get quite creative with their remodeling projects. For example, have you been dreaming about that man cave for years? What about that family game room? Or are you interested in renovating an outdoor space such as a pool patio or a barbecue area?

Hone in and Consider Practical Impacts

The list goes on and on, but what really matters is what you want. Talk with your loved ones or your partner and decide together and what you value most and your budgetary capabilities. Then, you should have a better grasp on what makes the most sense from a financial and an enjoyment standpoint in your home.

The Best Tucson Contractors

Now that you know, In What Order Should I Remodel My House? Contact Pro Remodeling today to speak with one of our experts in home remodeling. At Pro, we’re in the business of turning houses into homes. Continue exploring our website to learn more.

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