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Can You Use Floor Tile for Kitchen Countertops?

During a kitchen renovation project, you research cabinet stains, backsplash materials, and countertop surfaces, to name a few. But while looking at floor tiles, have you noticed some patterns and materials not only resemble but rival countertop looks and prices? Now you’re wondering, “Can you use floor tiles for kitchen countertops?”

Fortunately, you can! Below, our kitchen remodeling company in Tuscon, AZ, with over 50 years of experience explains the pros and cons of tile countertops and provides the best tips for installation. 

Why Is Using Floor Tiles on Kitchen Counters a Good Idea?

When pinning traditional slabs against thin, square tiles, here are some examples of the latter kitchen features coming out on top.

Cost-effectiveness: The dense slabs cut directly from granite, marble, or other stones cost more because they contain more material than tile and are cut to size to fit unique dimensions. Installation costs are also higher since working with heavier materials is more difficult. 

Versatility: Tiles come in more textures, patterns, and colors than slabs. You can also vary tile sizes by choosing larger squares for fewer seams or smaller ones to match your backsplash.

Durability: Because manufacturers create tiles with heavy foot traffic in mind, they’re more resistant to pressure and scuffs than soft countertop materials like soapstone. They’re also more heat resistant, making them perfect for placing hot cookware on. 

Tile Countertop Considerations That Could Make Slabs More Appealing

The real question is, “Can you use floor tiles for kitchen countertops without knowing the drawbacks?” Unfortunately, tile surfaces require more individual pieces when creating your countertop, so there’s a chance the surface won’t level out as solid slabs would. Some tiles may have more mortar underneath than others, raising them, and the grout lines don’t make the appearance and surface usage any easier. 

More grout lines equal more texture making certain activities (like rolling dough) more difficult. These indented sections are also easier to gloss over with a rag or sponge, proving more difficult to clean. Without proper cleaning or sealing, these crannies become stained and dirty, affecting the overall appearance of your countertop. 

Installing Your Tile Countertops 

There is an abundance of kitchen countertop material options, but when opting for tile, here are some tile countertop installation tips you need to know. 

  • There’s a difference when considering tile countertops vs. floor tiles, so ensure you’re choosing countertop or thicker floor tiles for your project.
  • Clean off any debris from the countertop before layering on the tiles 
  • Place and level each tile before moving on to the next one to reduce uneven surfaces
  • Use a high-quality adhesive to stick the tiles to the surface and prevent moisture infiltration by grouting around the tiles afterward
  • Seal the grout to reduce staining and tile chipping moving forward

No One Bests the Pros!

The heart of your home deserves heartfelt thought and consideration. So, let our family-owned and operated Pro Remodeling company help you make the right decisions as you wonder, “Can you use floor tiles for kitchen countertops?” Call 520-745-9769 for the best countertop materials and Tuscon home improvements!