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Regarding Covid-19

To our valued family of customers,

Pro Remodeling has chosen to remain open during our normal business hours during the current COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of our customers.  Pro Remodeling is following the Executive Order issued by Governor Doug Ducey on March 23, 2020 (EO-2020-12), listing essential services that should remain open: Critical trades, including contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Rest assured all of our employees are observing the protocols of safety recommended by medical experts: wash hands frequently, avoid crowds, limit close contact with others, etc.  We will be diligent in following the measures set forth to ensure your safety as well as our own.

Do You Need a Permit to Remodel a Kitchen in Tucson?

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting undertaking that transforms your home and increases its value. When you’re starting this process, you’re probably thinking about paint colors for walls and materials for new countertops, but there’s something important that comes first: permits.

A lot of homeowners forget about the permit aspect when making home renovations. However, most remodeling projects will require a go-ahead to move forward without consequences. 

So, do you need a permit to remodel a kitchen in Tucson? In this guide, you’ll learn more about permits and which home projects require them from the team at Pro Remodeling. The professional kitchen remodelers in Tucson help homeowners navigate the journey, including the permit process, so that each client can feel happy and comfortable in their updated homes.

The Purpose of Residential Permits

Understandably, making certain changes to your home requires a building permit. Primarily, these legal documents from the government ensure your remodeling project meets certain safety standards. For example, building permits may confirm there’s little to no risk of fire hazards, structural collapse, or electrical shock. 

For many, getting remodeling permits seems like a hassle. However, it keeps your family safe in the long run and looks better on paper when the time comes to sell your home.

Which Home Projects Require a Permit?

So, which home renovations and remodeling projects require a permit? In general, anything that calls for electrical, plumbing, structural, or mechanical work would require some kind of residential permit from the local authorities. 

For example, this includes the following home improvement projects:

  • Window installations: standard windows, skylights, new doors with windows
  • Structural changes: balconies, load-bearing walls, decks, roofs, and porches
  • Heating maintenance: water heaters, fireplaces, and ventilation systems
  • Fencing installation: any new fencing or repairs to old fencing
  • Plumbing: any new plumbing installations or replacements
  • Electrical work: ceiling fans, overhead lighting, new outlets, and electrical wiring

Obtaining a permit for these home renovations requires a visit from a government official. They’ll inspect your home and review your desired changes, confirming there are no hazards or risks involved with the project.

Home Projects That Don’t Require Permits

Do you need a permit to remodel a kitchen? That depends on everything you’re including in the remodeling process. If there are any electrical work or plumbing changes, the answer is “yes.” 

Are your upgrades largely aesthetic? Permits may not be a requirement. The following are some examples of home projects that don’t require permits:

  • Painting or wallpapering
  • New countertops
  • New flooring
  • Replacing faucets
  • Minor electrical repairs
  • Minor plumbing repairs

Since many kitchen remodeling projects focus on things like flooring and countertops, few call for permits. With that said, checking with local professionals is always wise before signing off on your planned renovations.

Update Your Kitchen with the Help of Pro Remodeling

Do you need a permit to remodel a kitchen in Tucson? The contractors at Pro Remodeling are here to answer that and many other questions. Find out more about residential permits and what it will cost to remodel a kitchen by calling us at 520-745-9769 today!

Five Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas for Your Next Remodel

An open, doorless shower isn’t just a temporary trend. A strong, well-planned design births a timeless, spa-like atmosphere that you can tweak and redecorate for years to come. But which walk-in shower ideas will work best for you?

At Pro Remodeling, our creative bathroom remodeling contractors in Tucson, AZ, came up with a few doorless walk-in shower ideas to consider. Call 520-745-9769 to discuss your renovation plans. 

#1 Use Walls as Art

Your shower wall is a blank canvas awaiting your creative vision. Whether you use a colorful wall tile or waterproof wall accents to bring this canvas to life, you can create a separate world crafted specifically for relaxation to bring each day to a close.

Try a wall that contrasts the other walls with shimmering gem tones or soothing pastels. You can also craft a mosaic effect with unique backsplash patterns that make your shower space feel like an exotic getaway. 

#2 Try an Earthy Aesthetic 

Recreate nature in a doorless walk-in shower with the following trendy elements:

  • A skylight that allows natural light to pour inside
  • A rain shower head to elevate the natural aesthetic
  • Some low-maintenance houseplants that love humidity
  • A few bamboo structures for storage and hanging towels

These doorless walk-in shower ideas will make your bathroom feel as though you’ve escaped to a rainforest every evening.

Throw a couple of lightly scented candles into the mix, and you’ll have an enviable oasis for relaxing nighttime ablutions. You might even reduce the need for vacations with this opulent setup.  

#3 Design an Open Floor Plan

Would you like an open space with few, if any, boundaries? An open floor plan can accomplish this.

Free your bathroom experience from the confines of walls, doors, and excess storage structures. Although storage plays an important role in any bathroom, you can find alternative ways to create it, like:

  • Cabinets and cupboards mounted on the walls
  • Minimal structures like novelty step-ladders 
  • Shelving 

After removing some excess structures that take up floor space, your bathroom will truly open up! 

#4 Create a Hallway Effect

Use geometric shapes and angles to create a doorless shower with a twist! Adding a few borders or semi-permanent walls can create a hallway effect. While this approach opens up your bathroom a little more, it still provides a sense of privacy and security. 

#5 Explore Gymnasium Floor Plans

Take the public gymnasium shower aesthetic and elevate it. You’ll keep your shower open and doorless while still creating privacy with walls that don’t reach the ceiling. This tactic also makes the bathroom look and feel more accessible. Use white and contrasting jewel tones to redefine each individual space. 

Discuss Your Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas with Pro Remodeling

In addition to a few doorless walk-in shower ideas, you also need to know how much to spend on renovation projects and the team responsible for them. At Pro Remodeling, we can help with all aspects of your remodeling project. Call 520-745-9769 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

5 Creative Ways To Make a Bathroom Look Bigger

Large bathrooms possess an ambiance that, when designed correctly, resembles a spa. However, increasing your bathroom’s square footage may require extensive alterations to your house. Our skilled remodeling contractors in Tucson have provided a few creative ways to make a bathroom look bigger without disrupting your home. 

#1 Create an Illusion of Space

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can create an illusion of space by minimizing clutter and eliminating any standing fixtures on the floor. The space likely feels restrictive if you have objects or decorative items strewn around the area, the space likely feels restrictive. Add more space to your bathroom floor plan by eliminating standing furniture or storage and keeping personal items stowed away.

You can also add a larger mirror to enhance the illusion of space. Mirrors make a room look double its original size while reflecting light and color for added depth. 

#2 Maximize Natural Light

Another bathroom idea involves making the most of your natural light. Windows offer a glimpse of the outdoors, making any bathroom feel larger. Keep your windows clean while minimizing blinds and curtains. 

If you have privacy concerns, call our experts about installing skylights or obscured window panes. For bathrooms with no windows, install light fixtures that mimic natural light well. Repaint your bathroom in light colors like soft yellows or pinks. These shades will nicely reflect artificial light. 

#3 Use Niches, Ledges, and Shelves

Everyone needs a space to store towels, toiletry bottles, and other items that see frequent use. You can minimize this clutter by working out how you store such items. Work with the ledges in your bathtub or shower for better storage space. 

Install shelves or small wall cabinets to hold extra supplies. You can also convert a portion of an existing closet into a storage area for bathroom necessities. Rethinking your storage methods will increase the available space in the bathroom. 

#4 Increase Floor Space

Once you implement better storage methods, you can increase floor space by eliminating cabinets and drawers. Find sink and toilet tank models you can mount on the walls. Once you remove any fixtures that mount to the floor, your floor plan opens up completely.

Other ways to make a bathroom look bigger involve trading your closed shower for an open one or installing a large, luxurious bathtub in place of a shower. This idea increases ventilation throughout your bathroom while opening it up without knocking down walls. 

#5 Try a Monochrome Scheme

Matching tile and paint colors makes bathrooms feel more accessible. Find a reflective, contemporary color that suits your tastes and apply it throughout. You can add depth with contrasting accents for the baseboards, trim, plumbing fixtures, and minimal decor. 

Rethink Your Bathroom Design With Pro Remodeling

If you need more ways to make a bathroom look bigger, our remodeling experts have countless small bathroom renovation ideas to start your project. At Pro Remodeling in Tucson, AZ, we’ve assisted clients in rethinking their bathroom design since 1971. Call us at (520) 745-9769 to turn your home improvement dreams into realities.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

If you take the organic route, making your meals at home rather than ordering takeout, you likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, a poor kitchen layout and drab walls quickly transform this daily chore into an ordeal. Make the heart of your home more functional and aesthetically pleasing with a kitchen remodel. 

At Pro Remodeling, our professional remodeling contractors in Tuscon, AZ, can help make your dream kitchen a reality. However, if you’re wondering, “How long does a kitchen remodel take?” below are three primary factors that affect the longevity of your unique project.

1. The Level of Work Necessary

A kitchen remodel might include anything, from a simple floor retiling to a complete makeover. Because of this, the average time of your project can take one to three weeks for minor jobs and four to five months for extensive repairs and replacements. 

Also, if you require a lot of internal work, like plumbing repairs or electrical rewiring, you may need to consider obtaining a kitchen remodel permit. Having plumbers, electricians, and other professionals on deck will assist the subcontractor, but remember that the extensive and intricate work, especially when permits are involved, may take longer to complete when compared to simpler tasks like painting or replacing cabinet doors. These external projects are simpler since they don’t depend on digging into your walls or changing the layout of your space.

The level of work necessary also hinges on the current state of your kitchen. For instance, if you’ve purchased a fixer-upper, you’ll need more internal and external work than a home with minimal defects. 

2. Your Dream Kitchen Design

Many homeowners in Tuscon like an open floor space with a few pieces of furniture they can move in themselves. These floor plans create a minimal kitchen design that doesn’t demand many installations, lowering your remodeling timeframe. However, if your current kitchen design includes an island, built-in tables and chairs, and other equipment, safely deconstructing these items takes extra time. 

If you’re going from a spaced-out floor plan to a more detailed one, you may be wondering, “How long does a kitchen remodel take?” Like deconstruction, construction demands additional time. However, you can reduce construction time by purchasing the material you need and mapping out your design in advance. 

3. The Current Kitchen Space 

It’s easier to redesign a breakfast nook than a chef’s kitchen due to kitchen space and size. For example, tiling or carpeting a floor space averaging 10 square feet may take a day or two, but doing the same job for twice that square feet may take multiple. Wide areas also require more materials, installations, and labor to fill the space, requiring more construction time. 

Top Home Improvement Projects with Little Downtime

For over 50 years, our family-owned and operated team has worked to reconstruct various rooms for an aesthetically pleasing and functional home. Our quality subcontractors specialize in kitchen remodels and offer a construction schedule so that you don’t have to wonder, “How long does a kitchen remodel take?”At Pro Remodeling in Tuscon, AZ, we understand and avoid common kitchen remodeling mistakes and offer specialized care for all jobs. Call 520-745-9769 for our BBB-certified assistance today!

How to Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Do you know how to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor? The choice might be more complex than it initially appears. Unfortunately, making the wrong choice could lead to years of repairs, inconvenience, and delays.

We don’t know the benefits and drawbacks of every remodeling contractor in the country. However, we know the qualities that make our satisfied customers choose us out of other Tucson’s remodeling contractors.

Keep the following tips in mind as you evaluate quotes from different contractors. If you live in our Tucson area, contact us at Pro Remodeling at 520-745-9769 before signing a contract with any other contractor.

It can be simpler to break down the process of how to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor into two parts: a wider search for contractors in your area and in-depth consideration of the most promising candidates.

Consider Past Work

Before paying anyone to do remodeling work on your home, find a contractor with experience with the type of remodeling you have in mind. Many contractors will post pictures of their handiwork on their websites. 

Ask for Recommendations

When it comes to knowing how to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor, reputation is essential.

Request references from neighbors and family members who have had work done on their homes. If nobody in your network can recommend a reputable remodeling contractor, ask neighborhood organizations and local social media communities to share their experiences.

Ask About Credentials and Licensing

Every contractor should be licensed for general contracting work. They should also have liability insurance to cover the costs if a worker sustains an injury.

Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website to determine whether the contractor has accreditation, what their rating is, and whether any customers have made complaints against the organization.

Create a Shortlist

Once you have offers from qualified professional kitchen remodeling contractors, narrow your list of contractors to the top three or four. Ask these contractors for an in-person meeting with a walk-through of your existing kitchen and a consultation about your renovation goals. The contractors should provide itemized estimates and a timetable for your kitchen remodel. 

Ask Questions During the Consultation

Your first meeting with a contractor is a chance to get to know them, ask questions about their qualifications, and determine whether your communication style is a good fit with theirs. During the meeting, keep these questions in mind:

  • Does the contractor seem knowledgeable?
  • Are they willing to answer questions without becoming defensive or evasive?
  • Are they willing to listen to your vision for your remodeling project?

Get Professional, Top-Quality Remodeling From Pro Remodeling

As you navigate the process of deciding how to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor, consider the advantages of Pro Remodeling, a leading kitchen remodeler in Tucson, AZ, accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating.

Our experts at Pro Remodeling are more than just home remodeling contractors. We are experienced in interior design and up-to-date on the latest home renovation trends.

Call us at 520-745-9769 with any design plans and questions you might have. Consider the pros and cons of an open-plan kitchen with Pro Remodeling and start the process of planning your kitchen renovations.

Seven Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes That You Should Never Commit

Many homeowners take on a kitchen renovation themselves, only including professionals when they’ve made mistakes or run into work they can’t perform. Creating your dream kitchen shouldn’t wear you out but should excite and inspire you. When planning your renovation, avoid these seven kitchen remodeling mistakes commonly seen by the best remodeling contractors in Tucson.

One: Neglecting Space Efficiency

In the kitchen, every step counts. Many homeowners neglect to think about how many steps lie between critical elements in their kitchen, creating dead space that makes cooking and cleaning more difficult. Consider how the size and layout of your kitchen can work with you instead of against you during daily cooking or holiday meals.

Two: Forgetting Functionality

Appliances and cabinets have doors that need a certain amount of clearance to open correctly. Many DIYers realize they forgot the kitchen functionality when they find themselves installing a dishwasher across from their oven or when they realize they can’t open a cabinet all the way. Plan your kitchen space with functionality in mind to create a usable space you’ll love for years to come.

Three: Creating Tight Spaces

Kitchen remodels with tight corridors and corners can wreak havoc on how easily you can use your kitchen. Typical aisles range between 42 and 48 inches, leaving plenty of room for two people to cook simultaneously.

Four: Installing the Wrong Kitchen Island

If you install an island too small or large for your space, you’ve committed one of the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes. Islands should enhance the use of your kitchen, not debilitate it by making it harder to move around. A good rule of thumb: Kitchen islands should not measure above ten feet long and four feet wide.

Five: Waiting to Order Appliances

Many homeowners want to wait to install new appliances after finishing their new kitchen, wishing to avoid dust and potential damage. However, ordering and installing your appliances during the renovation helps ensure they fit their intended spaces and have plenty of clearance for easy use.

Six: Not Planning for Storage

Some kitchen remodeling DIYers discover they’ve made another of the most common mistakes in not planning for proper storage space. Your kitchen cabinets should hold all your dishes, dry food items, seasoning or herb selections, and other kitchen staples. Without suitable storage space, you may have to keep certain kitchen items in different rooms, making it more challenging to stay organized while cooking.

Seven: Editing the Design Mid-Remodel

You can throw off your entire kitchen design by making changes during the renovations. Before starting your remodeling project, look it over and ensure you’re happy with the layout and overall design. This assurance helps create a smooth, easy transition from a dull kitchen to the one of your dreams.

Professional Kitchen Contractors Help You Avoid Mistakes

Avoid these seven kitchen remodeling mistakes by entrusting your renovations to Pro Remodeling in Tucson, AZ. Call (520) 745-9769 for your free consultation today. Do you want to learn more about DIY home remodeling? Read our guide on home renovation.

5 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

When renovating a small bathroom, you should focus on making the most of what you have. The limited space means you have to explore small bathroom renovation ideas that will help you maximize every inch of square footage.

Our experience as the top remodeling company in Tucson means we have many bathroom remodel ideas for any size of space. Here are five ideas you can work with to make your small bathroom more functional:

1. Tuck in the Door

A standard door in a small bathroom makes navigation a little less convenient. You have to shuffle around the door every time it’s open. You also can’t move bathroom fixtures too close to the door, effectively eating up important square footage.

Adding a sliding or pocket door can instantly give you more accessible space and improve the navigation experience.

2. Add a Combined Tub and Shower

Many small bathroom renovation ideas often encourage eliminating the tub. However, nothing beats a good relaxing soak after a hard day.

You can make your small bathroom more practical by combining a tub and showerhead setup.

3. Explore Creative Storage Options

Small bathrooms can get cramped quickly without proper organization. A fantastic way to avoid this is to prioritize creative storage with your small bathroom remodel. You can mount cabinets on the wall space above the mirror or the sink.

You can also convert the gap under your sink into a storage space that can hold drawer cabinets for easy access to your grooming products. With the right storage options, your bathroom won’t feel too cluttered. You can shave or carry out a skincare routine without constantly bumping into things.

4. Go for a Coordinated Look

The best small bathroom renovation ideas are those that result in a consistent style. However, you can’t achieve this without matching and coordinating design elements.

Pick a color palette and match as many fixtures as possible for a visually appealing look. An interior decorator can help you choose features that fit your desired aesthetic.

5. Add More Lighting

Proper lighting can improve the functionality of any space and make it more elegant; your small bathroom is no different. A single overhead light creates a flat and cramped atmosphere inside the bathroom.

On the other hand, task lights behind mirrors and multipoint lighting on all four sides of the bathroom can make it feel airier. An alternative is to enlarge the window or install a skylight if practical. Letting in more natural light can make the bathroom feel more luxurious overall.

Schedule a Bathroom Remodeling Inspection

A bathroom remodeling project can be challenging but richly rewarding if done correctly. Do you want to replicate any of the small bathroom renovation ideas above? Pro Remodeling can help you bring your bathroom designs to life.

Following our home remodeling checklist, our team of experts will transform your small bathroom into a cozy retreat.

Call Pro Remodeling today at 520-745-9769 for a thorough consultation. We’ll go over design ideas, material costs, and more. Find out why we are the best home remodeling company in Tucson, AZ.

The Pros and Cons of Open Plan Kitchen

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, you may be considering an open floor plan for the room. However, this kitchen style differs from traditional kitchens in some crucial ways. This article will cover the pros and cons of an open-plan kitchen for your home to help you decide.

While choosing floor plans is essential to the success of your remodeling project, choosing the right contracting company is also crucial. These projects can be lengthy and expensive, so finding the right installer helps protect your investment and guarantees an excellent result. If you’re planning a remodel in Arizona, you can always count on expert remodeling services by Pro Remodeling in Tucson.

Pro: Perfect for Hosting

Open plan kitchens are ideal for guests and cooking with loved ones because of the space they provide. With plenty of areas to stand and room to move around, this kitchen style makes it easy to spend time with family and friends while preparing food.

Pro: Excellent Lighting

Another advantage of open floor plan kitchens is that they allow for excellent light dispersal. Maintaining significant open space allows the whole room to brighten, especially when you allow natural light into the room. This factor means that open kitchens pair exceptionally well with large windows, creating a welcoming and pleasant effect.

Con: Noise Insulation

While open-floor kitchens bring many advantages, noise insulation is a significant downside. Traditional kitchens offer separation between the kitchen and the rest of the home, but open-plan kitchens typically do not. This fact means that the sounds of cooking may sometimes disturb others in the house, particularly early in the morning.

Con: Heat Insulation

If you’re considering the pros and cons of an open-plan kitchen in your home, you need to think about heat. When you use the stove or oven in your home, those appliances create a significant amount of heat. However, while walls block this heat in a closed kitchen, open floor plans allow it to escape into the rest of the home.

This temperature leakage can make it more challenging to keep your living space comfortable and increase cooling system energy costs. While cooking later in the day can mitigate this issue, homeowners should still consider it before choosing an open floor plan.

Pro: Easy Cleaning

Dealing with a messy kitchen is always frustrating, so cleaning deserves consideration while planning your remodel. Open kitchens with large kitchen islands are easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent option for many homeowners.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel Today

Throughout this article, we covered several pros and cons of open-plan kitchens. If you still want more information, feel free to explore our website to learn more about what kitchen modifications may be needed for elderly users or other remodeling topics.

When you’re ready to start designing your open floor plan kitchen in Tucson, AZ, call the experts at Pro Remodeling at 520-745-9769 for expert service at an affordable price. We can help you make your dream kitchen a reality!

Four Kitchen Modifications for Elderly Residents

Call us at (520) 745-9769 for expert remodeling services in Tucson.

As we age, kitchen renovations become less about improving the room’s functionality with increased storage space or upgraded appliances and more about keeping the area accessible and safe. However, because of how hazardous kitchens can be, not everyone knows where to start to make them less dangerous.

Below we’ll examine four common kitchen modifications for elderly residents hoping to keep their kitchens usable for the long haul.

High-Traction Flooring

The perfect kitchen flooring for older residents should be comfortable to stand on for extended periods, be slip-resistant, easy to remove spills from, and have minimal glare from kitchen lights.

Wood floors are the most slip-resistant kitchen flooring options and one of the most visually pleasing. It’s also easy to clean spills from wood for even more protection from slip-and-fall accidents. 

Tile flooring is another popular option with slip resistance as strong as wood, and some people prefer tile’s modern aesthetic over wood floor’s classic appearance. However, tile is tougher on feet than wood and could be taxing to stand on for prolonged periods if you have chronic back pain.  

Upgraded Lighting

With cornered countertops, sharp cutlery, and high-temperature stovetops, the kitchen is the most dangerous room in your home. Poor lighting only makes those hazards harder to spot, especially for elderly people with vision struggles.

Fortunately, the best way to keep your kitchen safe is the easiest modification you can make: improving your lighting. Even something as simple as replacing old bulbs with LED bulbs with brighter, less-harsh light illuminates kitchens enough to make them a safe space.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can install additional light fixtures around the cabinets and above your appliances for maximum visibility. 

Easy-to-Use Handles and Sink

Since traditional round twist handles on kitchen cabinets are challenging to operate with age, replacing them with more manageable handles is one of the most beneficial kitchen modifications for elderly residents. 

Our excellent remodeling contractors in Tucson, AZ, at Pro Remodeling have state-of-the-art loop handles that are simple to grip, turn, and pull open. They’re great for cabinets and pantries, but we can also install similar handles for your kitchen sink.

Safe Countertops

Kitchen countertops with sharp angles that protrude into the walking space can cause severe injuries to anyone who walks into them, especially as you age. Opting for counters with rounded edges or ones that are flush with your cabinets can improve your kitchen’s safety. 

While shrinking your counter space can make your kitchen more inconvenient, it will limit your risk for slip and fall accidents. You can always offset the downsize by installing a kitchen island.

Hire a Kitchen Remodeler Today

Hopefully, these ideas for kitchen modifications for elderly residents gave you ideas for your next home remodeling project. If you’re ready to commit to a renovation, there’s no better team to call in Tucson than Pro Remodeling.

Contact our team today at (520) 745-9769 to schedule a consultation or learn when you should consider remodeling a kitchen with an island.

Kitchen Remodel with Island: When Should You Consider It

For many homeowners, remodeling provides a way to update or refresh their indoor spaces without selling or buying a home. If you want to start small when rejuvenating your home, consider a kitchen remodel with island.

Kitchens give us lasting memories of family, good food, satisfying snacks, and so much more. If you want to give your kitchen a new look, remodeling to include a kitchen island rejuvenates the room and brings your home together, allowing you to make even more precious memories. 

At Pro Remodeling, we understand the value of a beautiful and functional kitchen remodel. Our team of kitchen remodeling experts in Tucson works to help homeowners build their ideal indoor spaces. 

In this blog, we talk about what kitchen islands are, their practical applications, as well as some signs you could benefit from a kitchen remodel. 

For more remodeling advice from trusted Tucson remodeling contractors, call our Pro Remodeling team at 520-745-9769 today. 

What Is a Kitchen Island? 

Many contemporary kitchen designs include kitchen islands. Placed apart from other cabinet and kitchen structures, kitchen islands come in various styles and functional designs. These fixtures utilize open floor space and provide an altered aesthetic and improved functionality in a kitchen. 

While a small kitchen may offer limited options regarding island installation, most medium and large kitchens suit well for the structure. 

Functions of a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can serve many different functions depending on your preference and floor plan. Basic kitchen island designs function as an additional seating area, eating space, or countertop. 

Other kitchen island designs house washing sinks, stovetops or flattop grills, and other kitchen appliances. These unique designs create engaging communal spaces where cooking, cleaning, and dining become family activities. 

No matter which kitchen island style you choose for your space, these fixtures will become a focal point of your snacking, dining, and family experiences. 

When to Upgrade to a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands serve as an excellent remodeling choice for property owners who want to freshen their indoor space and add utility without breaking their budget. 

Consider using a kitchen island to break up your kitchen floor’s “negative space” and match your island to your kitchen design. For example, use a kitchen island with white cabinets to compliment your white kitchen, or choose opulent marbled countertops. Alternatively, create an in-home chef experience by placing your cooking top right on your kitchen island! 

The truth is that the best time to choose a kitchen remodel with island depends on you. Consider your budget, family needs, and design goals before reaching out to your local Tucson remodeling experts.  

Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Tucson

Kitchen islands bring an updated look and feel to kitchens of most sizes. Include cabinets, cooking spaces, sinks, seating room, and other features to get the most out of your kitchen space.  

Ready for a kitchen remodel with island? Learn everything you need to know about islands, making a small kitchen look bigger, and more by calling Pro Remodeling at 520-745-9769 today.