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Fixer-Upper Bedrooms

Plans to Remodel Fixer-Upper BedroomsA statistic reports that only 43% of Americans are ready to buy a fixer-upper. The other 57% feel that it is not worth buying one due to all the troubles that come with it.

Fixer-upper is a term used to define buying out-of-shape houses to bring them to proper form. However, currently, it refers to a rustic farmhouse style of decor with reclaimed wood, metal, and more.

This article brings to you everything you need to know about renovating and decorating your fixer-upper bedrooms, helpful tips and ideas, how to remodel them on a budget, and more.

How to Get the Fixer-Upper Look for Bedrooms?

Fascinated by the Fixer Upper TV show on HGTV? Are you looking for some design inspiration? Here’s how you do that.

  • You can never go wrong with white. Be it curtains or walls or furniture or accessories, white works the best. It gives a light, and airy feel to your home.
  • Raw wood works the best to bring a rustic look. You can easily attain the look in your existing home by stripping the paint and restain.
  • Add a few metal accessories to your bedrooms. From vases to baskets, even tables and chairs, the metal adds a fun whimsical element.
  • Adding a natural element like a jute rug, wooden headboard, or a tall plant completes the room.
  • Add a fireplace to your bedroom. Not only does it add to the appeal, but it also increases the resale value.
  • Use a lot of textures, from brick walls to rugs and baskets. They give the room depth and make it more fun.

Tips to Decorate Your Fixer-Upper Bedrooms

Bedrooms are difficult to design and model since they need a delicate balance between functionality and comfort. Here are a few design ideas to get the best out of your bedroom.

  • Soothing neutral colors or light palettes like lavender or light blue work the best for bedrooms.
  • Avoid clutter, and make sure you can move around.
  • Instead of depending on one overhead lighting, include lights from different sources like natural light, floor lamps, table lamps, etc.
  • Add a soft look to the room via throws, rugs, and window drapes.
  • Make sure that your personal style is present. Your bedroom should be appealing to you, be it greenery or a four-poster bed.

Cost of a Bedroom Remodel

According to Fixr, the average cost of remodeling your bedroom is $7,880 and DIY estimates a cost of $100 per square foot for a bedroom renovation. The price is largely dependent on the accessories and furnishings you choose to add.

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

However small or big your bedrooms are, fancy or casual, they should be comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

Here are a few ideas behind a magazine-worthy master bedroom:

  • Why not skip paint and wallpaper and go for wooden walls? It looks rather traditional yet modern and also bright.
  • Add a seating area to the foot of the bed. It makes for a relaxing and comfortable reading nook.
  • Replace your throw blanket with fur. Faux fur looks luxurious while costing much less.
  • Instead of a matching set, why not use mismatched pieces? It makes for a quirky yet sophisticated space.
  • Neutrals can be as glamorous as vibrant colors, if not more, especially when combined with luxurious materials and geometrical patterns. It gives you plenty of opportunities to spice up the decoration.

Fixer-Upper Master Bedroom Colors

Here are a few colors commonly used in fixer-upper bedrooms.

  • Sherwin-Williams:
    • Alabaster
    • Repose Gray
    • Comfort Gray
    • Silver Strand
    • Oyster Bay
  • Benjamin Moore – Fieldstone

Fixer-Upper Decor Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Fixer-Upper Decor Ideas for the Master Bedroom - Light BulbA bedroom is a place to relax and seek refuge at the end of the day. Here are a few fixer-upper ideas to decorate your master bedrooms.

  • Replace those old doors with barn-style sliding doors or folding doors. Not only does it take less space, but it also acts as decor.
  • Make better use of the space above the headboard and add an art piece for visual interest.
  • Any interior designer worth their salt would tell you that fresh flowers are the best decoration you could ask for. They add color and make the room look lively.
  • Ditch the headboard for wall hanging or shelf or even decorative wallpaper.
  • Add shiplap for a rustic and simple space.
  • Conflicting patterns, when mixed carefully, will play well to give a designer-like feel.
  • Use the space behind a dresser and create a gallery with family photos.

Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your kids’ bedroom should be designed in such a way that it grows along with them. Here are a few design ideas for your child’s room:

  • Help your child stay organized with storage bins, benches, and coat racks.
  • Use glow-in-the-dark paint and decorate the ceiling with stars and moon.
  • Let your child have fun with removable wall decals. Replace them as they grow, and their interests change.
  • Create an art center with chalkboard paint.
  • Instead of your traditional headboard, why not use masking tape for painting fun faux ones.

Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Fixer-Upper Bedrooms

There’s nothing more pleasing than renovating a fixer-upper. However, if budget is a concern, here are a few easy ways you can create a huge impact:

  • A fresh coat of paint can refresh the room quite easily. Do not skip the ceilings, closets, and cabinets too.
  • Change out the light for something more modern.
  • A rug can easily change the look of a room. Use a light rug for a dark-colored room or vice versa.
  • Use fabrics and textures to elevate the look of your room.
  • Add a striking statement accent in the form of lighting, chair, table lamp, or even throw.

Update Your Fixer-Upper Bedrooms on a Budget

Do not have the budget to redesign your bedroom. Simple changes can create a huge impact and upgrade the look like no other.

  • Upgrade your window to a bay, double-hung, casement windows, or horizontal slider. You can also add a bright window covering a color that complements your decor or maybe a graphic pattern.
  • Minimize the clutter in your room, especially the nightstand.
  • Before investing in new furniture, try refacing or refinishing the existing ones. Or, if possible, use reclaimed wood or repurposed furniture. For example, you can convert an old door to a headboard. Or use an old bench at the foot of the bed.
  • Layer your bedding. Mix and match color, textures, and materials for a stunning look.
  • Allocate space for family photos. Instead of spreading it out, use just a small section with mismatched frames arranged elegantly.

Fixer-Upper Style Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Modern farmhouse decor is a blend of traditional country look with a contemporary design, a modern take on the old-world charm. It is defined by a minimalistic appearance with clean lines, sleek aesthetic, neutral color palettes, combined with the cozy and comforting elements of the farmhouse.

  • The key to a farmhouse-style house starts in the entryway. Make it more inviting and welcome with natural wood, white cabinets, woven baskets, and the iconic shiplap flair.
  • Add a few cozy accents to your modern room for warmth. Exposed beams, textured finishes, distressed wood, industrial-size pendant light create an organic feel.
  • Do not forget a nightstand, probably rustic or distressed wood.
  • Combine rustic and modern elements for a character-rich room. Create contrast with unfinished wooden boards on the ceiling and simple geometric rugs for the floor.
  • Shiplap is the backbone of every farmhouse design. Modernize the look with simple furnishings in a neutral palette. Add a pop of color is exactly what you need to make it more fun, and stop looking bland.
  • When paired with vintage wall signs and delicate textile, industrial accents give a rustic vibe synonymous with farmhouses. For a more modern twist, make it more colorful in bold and bright colors.
  • Include a wide range of wooden finishes in your design. Natural wood grains always complement each other. The same goes for metals. Play with iron, copper, brass, chrome, etc., but keep the same finish throughout.
  • You can never have too many throw pillows. Alternate them depending on the season.
  • Add a trunk or a wooden bench at the bottom of the bed. Imagine a reclaimed wooden beam on pinhead legs for that homey feel.

Joanna Gaines’ Fixer-Upper-Inspired Farmhouse Trends

Farmhouse decor has been in trend for more than a century. It involves decorating with simple, rustic furnishings. After 150 years, it catapulted to the top after HGTV’s fixer-upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines from Waco, Texas, catapulted farmhouse chic to new heights.

Here are a few trends to watch out for:

  • White is a hot color when it comes to farmhouse trends. It goes well with all materials, particularly non-conventional and industrial, and you have a classic Magnolia market design.
  • Cover the space ceiling to floor with shiplap and add drama to your space. It creates a focal point for any room.
  • Shiplap goes well with wood and especially of its classic black and white combination. Instead of going for a stark contrast, try warm hues of grey and white.
  • Barn doors and farmhouse style always go hand in hand. A simple and clean design with whitewashed wooden planks makes a great door.
  • Subway tiles, with their simple sophistication and timeless elegance, never go out of fashion. Combine it with dark grout for an instant hit.

Luxury Bedrooms on a Budget

Luxury Bedrooms on a BudgetYou do not need designer furniture to make your room look expensive. All it requires are some clever arrangements and inexpensive design tricks. Below are a few tips to make bedrooms look more luxurious:

  • A new set of metal or crystal knobs for your nightstand and dresser can elevate the look of your room.
  • Overstuff your pillows and throw cushions. Furthermore, do not skimp on them too. Ensure that you have at least 2 per person.
  • Add an antique statement piece to your bedroom. It can be an artwork, or antique quilt, or a chair; Whatever it is, make sure that it reflects your personal style.
  • Clean the clutter on the nightstand. One way to do it is to add a tray. Trays can class up a room immediately. Add a cute lamp, a succulent or two.
  • For smaller spaces, raise your curtains to an inch or two below the ceiling. Not only does your window look more prominent and loftier, but the room also looks elegant.

The Secret to Decorating Your Fixer-Upper Bedrooms Like Joanna Gaines

The Fixer Upper show by Chip and Jo Gaines is the dream of every interior designer. Their intuitive and creative decorations have inspired one-too-many designers.

The secret to decorating your bedroom is to follow the below tips:

  • Stick with white, blue/gray, and greiges for every room. Not only are they versatile, but they are also easy to work with. They go with similar shades like beige, off-white, and also wood-toned finishes.
  • The bed is the focal point in all bedrooms. A large unique headboard that draws your attention seems to be Joanna’s favorite.
  • Greenery is a must, be it natural plants or faux plants or flowering plants, or tropical plants. They bring the much-needed color into the room. You cannot find a single episode where Joanna Gaines hasn’t added a bit of greenery.
  • Benches at the end of the bed look great and can also be used as storage space or small pieces of furniture.
  • Always layer your bed. Include multiple throw pillows, comforters, and throws on the bed arranged artfully.
  • Having various textures and colors in the room (drapery, linens, and accent chairs) makes the room feel warm and inviting.
  • Even if the entire house has a neutral palette, add a pop of color to your bedroom. It changes the look of the place and makes it look amazing.

Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Helpful Tips to Upgrade Your Fixer-Upper BedroomsBedrooms are the most important rooms in the house. Make it a cozy retreat with luxurious furnishings, soothing color schemes, unique accent pieces, etc.

Here are a few tips to help you upgrade your room so that it is not just cozy but also functional:

  • Paint your walls in one color, maybe a slightly darker hue for added definition. Instead of bold colors, play around with textures for an updated look.
  • Remodeling a bedroom, especially a fixer-upper, takes time. Be ready to wait; With patience, all that hard work and planning come together. Do not compromise ever.
  • The right wallpaper can transform the look of your bedroom like no other. Again neutral colors work well since they are more versatile and allow you to play with different colors.
  • Personalize the space with a rug. It adds warmth and texture to the room and ties the bedroom together like no other.
  • Replace your lights with a statement pendant light or a chandelier.
  • Upgrade your flooring to hardwood, tile, or carpet; A new flooring can refresh the room in an instant.
  • Add a nightstand (on both sides if possible) with a couple of unique table lamps.
  • Include a statement piece for your bedroom—a large bed frame, gorgeous dresser, an armchair, etc. But do not clutter the space with furniture.


A fixer-upper is a shortcut to homeownership but handling it needs patience and time before you can bring it to order. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

A fixer-upper is not as easy as you see in the home improvement shows. Even simple renovations may unearth issues that you hadn’t imagined and increase the costs. However, the satisfaction and thrill of working on a fixer-upper and bringing it up to standard outweigh the challenges.

Pro Remodeling is a local, family-owned business established in Tucson in 1971 and is regarded as one of the most trusted, best run, and customer-friendly contractors that provide the best home remodeling Tucson has experienced. If you are interested in giving your fixer-upper bedrooms a new makeover, contact the experts at Pro Remodeling today for your free quote.

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