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kitchen cabinet color trends 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2024  

The color(s) you choose for your kitchen cabinets matter. It sets the tone, style, and overall look of your kitchen. 

As one of Tucson’s leading kitchen remodeling contractors, Pro Remodeling explores the most popular kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024. Keep reading to learn about the latest kitchen cabinet trends of 2024.  

Blues and Greens  

Say goodbye to all-white kitchens! Enter moody blues and greens. These calming hues create a luxurious, sophisticated vibe, adding depth, drama, and elegance to any culinary space. 

Popular kitchen cabinet 2024 choices in this category include deep navy, rich emerald, and forest green. 

Matte Black  

Black remains a top choice among the modern kitchen cabinet colors of 2024. Modern and sophisticated, matte black cabinets bring a sleek, minimalistic vibe to any kitchen.  

If you want to create more visual interest in your kitchen, pair matte black with natural wood accents or metallic hardware.  

Pop of Color  

A pop of color works will work wonders at adding some personality to your kitchen space. So, why not have one of the kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024 include having one or several cabinets in vibrant colors like lively tangerine, mustard yellow, or deep plum?

These vibrant hues will elevate your kitchen space and create a standout focal point.  

Two-Tone Elegance  

Why limit yourself to a single color when you can have two? Two-tone kitchen cabinets remain a 2024 kitchen cabinet design hit, sparking creativity and personalization. Blend complementary shades for depth or dimension or pair dark and light dark tones.  

Warm and Earthy Tones  

Nature-inspired tones dominate trending cabinet colors in 2024. Consider warm, earthy tones like clay, caramel, and terracotta. They infuse organic charm, warmth, and comfort, creating a cozy, inviting kitchen space.  

People Also Ask  

How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet Color for a Small Kitchen?  

For a small kitchen, opt for colors that make the space feel more spacious like light gray, white, and soft pastels. Glossy finishes that reflect light can also make a room appear larger. 

How Do I Coordinate Kitchen Cabinet Colors with Countertops and Backsplashes?  

To coordinate kitchen cabinet colors with backsplashes and countertops, go for complementary or contrasting colors that enhance the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.  

What Kitchen Cabinet Colors are Best for Resale Value? 

If you plan to put your house on the market, choose kitchen cabinet colors like white, beige, and gray. Besides providing a versatile backdrop for various kitchen styles, many buyers will find these colors appealing. 

Trust Pro Remodeling for Top-Tier Home Remodeling and Improvement Services  

Now that you know the kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024, you’ll have an easy time choosing colors that appeal to your tastes and improve your kitchen’s functionality and style. Rely on the Pro Remodeling team for personalized advice and professional installation services.  

We can also provide detailed estimates to help you understand the kitchen remodeling cost and plan your budget effectively.  

Call (520) 745-9769 to get started on your home remodeling project, or reach out to the Pro Remodeling team for more 2024 kitchen color ideas.  

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