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Month: October 2023

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

Are you looking at paint samples and can’t decide which is best for your home’s style and neighborhood? You’re probably wondering how to choose paint colors for your home’s exterior.

As the professional exterior remodelers, Pro Remodeling helps you choose the best paint colors for your home. To learn more about tips for starting the process, keep reading. Then contact us at 520-745-9769.

Determine Style

You want your house to stand out just the right amount, but you also want your choice of color to align with the style of your home. 

For example, if you own a historic Victorian home, bold colors won’t match the aesthetic effect of gables and dormers. Likewise, pastels don’t look good on a ranch home.

For the perfect blend of uniqueness and conformity, observe neighboring house colors. Look for common themes in style and color and slightly alter them to add your flair.

Explore Options

When deciding on exterior paint colors, look in other neighborhoods and see what looks good and what doesn’t. Look for houses similar to your own, and if you notice something feels out of place, chances are it’s because it violates one of the rules of color theory. For example, you shouldn’t paint your trim pure white if you don’t have a crisp and clear color scheme.

Embrace Existing Style

Consider existing style elements such as your garage door color, your shingles, and even the palette of your landscaping. For example, if your home has brick siding, avoid choosing a color that clashes with it.

Also, consider how painting other structures on your property can accentuate or compliment the color of your home. Gazeebo, guest house, and shed painting can all help the color you choose for your home pop even more.

Eschew Trends

If you’re wondering how to choose paint colors for your home’s exterior, don’t feel beholden to passing trends that soon leave your home outdated. While charcoal is this season’s most popular trend, it won’t stand the test of time. Consider opting for timeless exterior colors like white, blue-grey, or dark red.

Use the Color Wheel Rules

In general, you should choose a primary color and two accent colors based on the color wheel. Use hues from the same family rather than those that clash with each other. Professional painters can expertly advise you on how the rules of color work.

Test It

Always test your choice before committing to painting the entire house. Rather than using printed paint cards, use actual paint samples to determine how your new color will look on your home. If you’re still not sure, ask a professional for help.

Let Pro Remodeling Help You Pick Paint Colors

Now that you know how to choose paint colors for your home’s exterior, Pro Remodeling can paint your home efficiently and at a competitive price. With over 50 years of experience, we know the best tips for renovating an old house as well as the best products and methods for painting the exterior of your home.

To book a consultation, call us at 520-745-9769.