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how much does a bedroom addition cost

How Much Does a Bedroom Addition Cost?

How much does a bedroom addition cost compared to a whole-home remodel? This is a common question we receive from Arizona homeowners looking to add much-needed space to their property. Whether it’s for a master suite addition or a family member joining a household, understanding the cost to build a new bedroom is vital before embarking on this large undertaking.

At Pro Remodeling, we provide some of the best remodeling projects in the area, including gorgeous home additions in Tucson, Arizona. Keep reading to learn about the average cost of adding a bedroom to your home. Then, call us for professional help on your next project!

What Factors Affect a Bedroom Addition’s Cost?

Although knowing the average cost of a bedroom addition is good, numerous factors can affect whether you’ll spend more or less on yours. For example, adding a room to a house will cost more if you need to do the following:

  • Pour foundation
  • Add walls
  • Change flooring
  • Update electrical or HVAC systems and more 

Bedroom additions can range anywhere from several thousand dollars upwards, depending on the type of bedroom addition and design features you’re pursuing. Creating space, rather than using what is already there, will cost more. And so will adding a master bedroom rather than a standard 12×12 bedroom.

Standard Bedroom vs. Master Bedroom Additions

A master bedroom can involve huge closet space, a connecting master bathroom, room for a large bed, and plenty of other exciting features. While this sounds like the dream space, you’ll have to commit quite a bit to these master bedroom additions. 

How much does a bedroom addition cost if it’s just a standard-size room? It will cost quite a bit less than a master bedroom. However, the exact price will always depend on how big you want the bedroom, flooring, roofing materials, lighting, and the overall layout of the room.

The Average Cost of a Bedroom Addition

The average cost of completing a bedroom addition for your next home improvement project varies, even within the same city limits in Tucson, Arizona. If you want to save money, add a smaller room or convert existing space on your property rather than building a new room from the ground up. It also adds up as you keep adding all the bells and whistles.

If you’re unable to spend more on an addition right now but could benefit from having more space, why not consider decluttering your home? You might have more space than you realize but have too many items in it. Working with a professional should provide an accurate idea of how much you’d spend on a bedroom addition, as they can factor in labor costs, property size, materials, and much more.

Start Your Bedroom Addition Project in Tucson, Arizona, with Our Five-Star Professionals

How much does a bedroom addition cost? Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from building an addition to your property, contact Pro Remodeling for an estimate in Tucson, Arizona. Our home remodeling services and additions are top-notch, so call (520) 745-9769 today!