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Month: December 2023

How To Choose a Backsplash for Your Kitchen 

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen can feel overwhelming. With countless options out there, you might not know which color or design works best for your kitchen. 

As trusted kitchen remodelers in Tucson, our team at Pro Remodeling has worked on many kitchen remodels, and we can guide you on how to choose a backsplash.  

Keep reading for tips that will help you choose a backsplash that complements your kitchen design.

Decide on the Material 

The best material for your backsplash depends on how you live. If you run a bit of a messy kitchen, try to avoid anything porous or with white grout.  

If you don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning, you can try a bit more daring materials, from marble mosaic with white grout to wallpaper. 

Experiment With Different Colors

If you can’t decide among tiles, prop sample tiles in different colors against your existing backsplash to see what they look like throughout the day. Choose a primary hue and several accent colors to use throughout the kitchen, including the backsplash. 

Try mixing metallic tiles in different shades and various finishes. If you like the look of glass tiles, consider newer options with a frosted finish. 

The countertops and cabinets often help to choose the color of the backsplash. For example, green cabinets with marble countertops won’t look good with a busy, brightly colored backsplash.

Spice Things Up

Still wondering how to choose a backsplash? The space above the range and sink provides ample square footage to play with the tile design. Consider applying a staggered brick pattern with slim subway tiles or installing tile on the diagonal.  

You can also choose a neutral backsplash tile color for the rest of the kitchen, then create a showy centerpiece with large-format tiles or mosaic tiles above the stove with vibrant glass tiles. 

Common Backsplash Mistakes To Avoid 

Avoid the following common mistakes when choosing a backsplash for your kitchen: 

  • Avoid pricey, trendy tiles if you want to keep your kitchen remodel cost down. Instead, choose a classic yet versatile subway tile.
  • Skip DIY tile installation.
  • If you order tiles from a supplier, ask if they have your tile of choice in stock to avoid extended lead times.

Premium Home Improvement and Remodeling in Tucson 

Backsplashes come in hundreds of thousands of options, if not more. There are no right or wrong decisions. It really comes down to personal preference. 

Having a tough time deciding on a backsplash? Ask a professional remodeler for a design consultation, or find a photo of a kitchen you like and try to make yours look similar. 

Now that you know how to choose a backsplash for your kitchen, choose a competent contractor to source and install it. Trust Pro Remodeling of Tucson, Arizona, for all your home improvement and remodeling needs. 

We have the experience, equipment, and competence to deliver exceptional results at an affordable price. Call us at (520) 745-09769 to request a free consultation or to learn a few kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid.