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Pro Remodeling has chosen to remain open during our normal business hours during the current COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of our customers.  Pro Remodeling is following the Executive Order issued by Governor Doug Ducey on March 23, 2020 (EO-2020-12), listing essential services that should remain open: Critical trades, including contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

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Month: February 2024

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Features to Include in Your Remodeling Project

Your pets are a part of the family, so it only makes sense to include features designed especially for them when you remodel your kitchen. Designing a pet-friendly kitchen helps maintain a well-organized and clutter-free space while making it safer for your four-legged friends.

As Tucson’s premier kitchen remodel source, Pro Remodeling works with homeowners who want to add built-in pet areas and more to their kitchens. Check out some of our best pet-friendly ideas, and give us a call at (520) 745-9769 to start your home upgrade.

How to Make Your Kitchen a Haven for Your Furry Best Friends   

For pets, the perfect pet-friendly kitchen means access to unlimited treats and belly rubs. Humans want kitchens to provide plenty of workspace, organization, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Including some of these pet-approved features can help you achieve those goals. 

Pet-Friendly Materials 

Designing your kitchen with animals in mind means choosing surfaces that are easy to clean and durable. Muddy paws and wet noses can mean a constant battle to keep light-colored lower cabinets, waterfall countertops, and other surfaces clean, so choose colors and materials that won’t show marks. Laminate or tile flooring is also a good choice when you don’t want your pet’s nails to scratch the floor; choose a lighter color to hide hair if your pet sheds a lot. 

Safety Features 

The typical kitchen has hazards that can harm your pet, but you can add features to a pet-friendly kitchen to keep them safe. A pull-out trash can, for example, can keep your curious pets away from the garbage and dangerous items. Built-in pet gates can help keep your pets contained without sacrificing aesthetics, while non-toxic materials like low-VOC paints are a good choice for everyone’s health and well-being. 

Pull-Out Feeding Centers 

Pet food and bowls can take up space on the floor and add color, so incorporate a built-in pet feeding station into your kitchen remodel. Include space for removable food and water bowls, as well as food and treat storage. If you have space, include other built-in pet areas, like a bed or crate, to give Fido an out-of-the-way place to rest. 

Powerful Appliances 

Incorporating pet-friendly appliances into your kitchen can make caring for your companions easier and give you peace of mind that they are safe and happy. For the ultimate pet-friendly kitchen, consider installing automatic feeders and hydration stations to ensure your pet gets the right amount of food and water at the right time. A pet camera and monitor lets you keep an eye on them when you aren’t home; some even let you talk to your pet to provide comfort (or keep them out of trouble).

Start Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Today 

If you’re ready to upgrade your Tucson, Arizona, home with a pet-friendly kitchen or any other remodeling project, call Pro Remodeling at (520) 745-9769. We’re proud to be a preferred local kitchen remodeling contractor and will help you bring your ideas to life for more beautiful and functional spaces.