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doorless walk-in shower ideas

Five Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas for Your Next Remodel

An open, doorless shower isn’t just a temporary trend. A strong, well-planned design births a timeless, spa-like atmosphere that you can tweak and redecorate for years to come. But which walk-in shower ideas will work best for you?

At Pro Remodeling, our creative bathroom remodeling contractors in Tucson, AZ, came up with a few doorless walk-in shower ideas to consider. Call 520-745-9769 to discuss your renovation plans. 

#1 Use Walls as Art

Your shower wall is a blank canvas awaiting your creative vision. Whether you use a colorful wall tile or waterproof wall accents to bring this canvas to life, you can create a separate world crafted specifically for relaxation to bring each day to a close.

Try a wall that contrasts the other walls with shimmering gem tones or soothing pastels. You can also craft a mosaic effect with unique backsplash patterns that make your shower space feel like an exotic getaway. 

#2 Try an Earthy Aesthetic 

Recreate nature in a doorless walk-in shower with the following trendy elements:

  • A skylight that allows natural light to pour inside
  • A rain shower head to elevate the natural aesthetic
  • Some low-maintenance houseplants that love humidity
  • A few bamboo structures for storage and hanging towels

These doorless walk-in shower ideas will make your bathroom feel as though you’ve escaped to a rainforest every evening.

Throw a couple of lightly scented candles into the mix, and you’ll have an enviable oasis for relaxing nighttime ablutions. You might even reduce the need for vacations with this opulent setup.  

#3 Design an Open Floor Plan

Would you like an open space with few, if any, boundaries? An open floor plan can accomplish this.

Free your bathroom experience from the confines of walls, doors, and excess storage structures. Although storage plays an important role in any bathroom, you can find alternative ways to create it, like:

  • Cabinets and cupboards mounted on the walls
  • Minimal structures like novelty step-ladders 
  • Shelving 

After removing some excess structures that take up floor space, your bathroom will truly open up! 

#4 Create a Hallway Effect

Use geometric shapes and angles to create a doorless shower with a twist! Adding a few borders or semi-permanent walls can create a hallway effect. While this approach opens up your bathroom a little more, it still provides a sense of privacy and security. 

#5 Explore Gymnasium Floor Plans

Take the public gymnasium shower aesthetic and elevate it. You’ll keep your shower open and doorless while still creating privacy with walls that don’t reach the ceiling. This tactic also makes the bathroom look and feel more accessible. Use white and contrasting jewel tones to redefine each individual space. 

Discuss Your Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas with Pro Remodeling

In addition to a few doorless walk-in shower ideas, you also need to know how much to spend on renovation projects and the team responsible for them. At Pro Remodeling, we can help with all aspects of your remodeling project. Call 520-745-9769 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.