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ways to make a bathroom look bigger

5 Creative Ways To Make a Bathroom Look Bigger

Large bathrooms possess an ambiance that, when designed correctly, resembles a spa. However, increasing your bathroom’s square footage may require extensive alterations to your house. Our skilled remodeling contractors in Tucson have provided a few creative ways to make a bathroom look bigger without disrupting your home. 

#1 Create an Illusion of Space

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can create an illusion of space by minimizing clutter and eliminating any standing fixtures on the floor. The space likely feels restrictive if you have objects or decorative items strewn around the area, the space likely feels restrictive. Add more space to your bathroom floor plan by eliminating standing furniture or storage and keeping personal items stowed away.

You can also add a larger mirror to enhance the illusion of space. Mirrors make a room look double its original size while reflecting light and color for added depth. 

#2 Maximize Natural Light

Another bathroom idea involves making the most of your natural light. Windows offer a glimpse of the outdoors, making any bathroom feel larger. Keep your windows clean while minimizing blinds and curtains. 

If you have privacy concerns, call our experts about installing skylights or obscured window panes. For bathrooms with no windows, install light fixtures that mimic natural light well. Repaint your bathroom in light colors like soft yellows or pinks. These shades will nicely reflect artificial light. 

#3 Use Niches, Ledges, and Shelves

Everyone needs a space to store towels, toiletry bottles, and other items that see frequent use. You can minimize this clutter by working out how you store such items. Work with the ledges in your bathtub or shower for better storage space. 

Install shelves or small wall cabinets to hold extra supplies. You can also convert a portion of an existing closet into a storage area for bathroom necessities. Rethinking your storage methods will increase the available space in the bathroom. 

#4 Increase Floor Space

Once you implement better storage methods, you can increase floor space by eliminating cabinets and drawers. Find sink and toilet tank models you can mount on the walls. Once you remove any fixtures that mount to the floor, your floor plan opens up completely.

Other ways to make a bathroom look bigger involve trading your closed shower for an open one or installing a large, luxurious bathtub in place of a shower. This idea increases ventilation throughout your bathroom while opening it up without knocking down walls. 

#5 Try a Monochrome Scheme

Matching tile and paint colors makes bathrooms feel more accessible. Find a reflective, contemporary color that suits your tastes and apply it throughout. You can add depth with contrasting accents for the baseboards, trim, plumbing fixtures, and minimal decor. 

Rethink Your Bathroom Design With Pro Remodeling

If you need more ways to make a bathroom look bigger, our remodeling experts have countless small bathroom renovation ideas to start your project. At Pro Remodeling in Tucson, AZ, we’ve assisted clients in rethinking their bathroom design since 1971. Call us at (520) 745-9769 to turn your home improvement dreams into realities.